Do you want to launch your product faster to beat the competition? Animated explainer videos can give life to your new ideas. These short videos can upfront your product easier than ever. But making a professional explainer video can be a time taking process. In this blog post, we’ve covered five unique ways to create […]

3 Website Conversion Tips Using Explainer Video

How Video Increase Website Conversion Rates Adding videos to your website comes with a variety of benefits. A video can increase brand to customer engagement, it gives a brand the opportunity to promote the use of QR codes and online discounts, and one of the biggest impact video can have for a business is on […]

How Long Does it Take to Create an Explainer Video?

  As we have mentioned in our previous blogs, each and every single explainer video is made differently as per the needs of the client. Some of them are template-based while some are customized (totally based on the customer’s discretion). But when it comes to the style, the one thing that is of the essence […]

9 Disrupting Ways To Leverage Video Animation During Coronavirus Lockdown

What? Whether you’re an employee working for a video production company, founder of a tech startup, a film producer, doctor, or a student, then you have firsthand felt how the coronavirus lockdown has impacted your life. Nobody is safe. People are panicking for a multitude of reasons ranging from economic factors to safety concerns.  Amidst […]

Video-The Best Lead Nurture Practice

Being an entrepreneur or a startup, you definitely want to grow your business. That means getting a lot of new leads and converting them into customers. Who gets the leads and who converts them into your customers?  Your Sales Team! You heard it right! But do you think that it is enough for and your […]

Why a Storyboard is Essential in Developing an Animated Video?

A storyboard is one of the important parts of the animation since it includes all the details whether comprehensive or precise about your products/services. It is just like a map that leads an animator to begin the journey of visual representation of the script.  But remember not everyone involved in the project illustration can align […]

How Long Does It Take to Create Explainer Video?

For the production of animated explainer videos, you generally require a period from 5 to 6 weeks. But it varies from one explainer video to another because it depends on the number of elements that you want to add to such videos. The more you incorporate custom elements, the more it takes time to complete […]

How Do You Plan an Explainer Video?

You must have heard about Explainer videos and how they are the most convenient way to get your message across to your target audience. The real struggle though is finding out how to string everything together and then perfectly capturing the essence of your business/brand. If you don’t know where to start, you have come […]

Reasons Why Your Product Launch Needs an Explainer Video

Are you planning to introduce an innovative product and want to know how to promote it as successfully as possible? If you are in a similar situation, this blog post is for you. It includes a comprehensive understanding of the best practices of video marketing as used by professional explainer video services.  So, if you […]

Explainer Videos Your Gateway to Sales and Profit

explainer video

  In this blog post I’ll admit the fact that explainer videos can be a bit heavy on your budget, but yet again believe it or not they can be the biggest ROI for your business. So why should you spend that kind of cash when you can find plenty of companies charging just a […]