Here are some answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions. If you’re still not clear, please give us a call.

Why you would work with Video Explainers over others?

Video Explainers have generated more than 1500 videos for clients from every corner of this planet. There are some big names that we have worked with that includes Johnson’s & Johnson’s, HP, Coca-cola and more. Our clients matter a lot to us, and that’s why we always try our level best to deliver them according to their requirements. We work tirelessly to generate videos that are beneficial for our clients in producing remarkable, like Johnson’s & Johnson’s which eventually become fruitful for them to get 25% extra output from our explainer video.


We are offering a lot of diversity in styles and catering needs of different industries. We have a benchmarking online video strategy, and that simply means generating a lot of different types of video content, which is why we produce branding videos, TV spots, explainer videos, company story videos, customer testimonials, demo videos, and more. We are experts in skills including 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, stop motion, and live action.


It varies, It depends on the length of the video, style, and any complications of involving the video. Mostly animated videos price range is between $15-25k.

For live action videos, the price will be based on a few elements, such as the number of shoot days, talent, and locations required. Our price starts at $25k, but are more often in the $30-35k range. If you are willing to know about the exact price, then elaborate us about your whole project.


Our creative process 5 steps which include:

  • Concept and writing the script

  • Working on storyboard

  • Illustration and voice over

  • Working on animation

  • Publish

For knowing the whole story, have a glance at our work.

How much time it will take?

The video containing good content will take a little bit of time, and it is our commitment that we will never compromise on quality or will drag or stretch it. You can expect 6 to 10 weeks for production time, and it will not include the time required for feedback and revisions, feedback and revisions would take additional 3 till 4 weeks varies on the quantity and other complications, on the other hand, your feedback matters a lot. Every project that we are working on is different, so the duration of completion will be accordingly. It also depends on how swiftly you, the client, provide feedback, how many revisions you are willing to have, and how complicated changes are.

Impact of Revisions and Feedback:

From the very scratch till the end, creating a video is teamwork and your contribution will be immensely helpful. Our clients are the content specialist for us, and we bestow them creative output in return. At every single step, you will receive solid feedback through our formal revision policy.

How it Works:

We work in a totally different manner as compared with the standard video production company. All steps of video production, such as creative direction, scripting, project management is done in house. Our team includes talented designers, animators, voice composers, and sound designers from every corner of this planet. Our team will cater to your needs as per your requirements. Our set up gives us adaptability to provides out of the box range of styles and thus we produce creative and distinctive work.

Duration of the Video:

We will keep the duration of our video as limited as (30-120 seconds) while we always deliver all the relevant information. The video should be long enough to deliver an important message and as well as engaging enough to keep interested in viewers, and constructive enough to motivate them to take the next step (e.g. Requesting for more info, signing up for a trial, etc).

What it takes to start?

At the very beginning, interact with us and let us know about your requirements. We will absorb what are your motives and goals, and then we will elaborate on the total estimation. Assuming you will accept, we will send video agreement along with 50% of the project total. We will give you a creative brief and will arrange a meeting with your project manager and creative director to evaluate the material before beginning officially.


The final video is yours. You own it and can do what you please with it. The full copyright details are outlined in our Video Services Agreement.