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Video-The Best Lead Nurture Practice

Being an entrepreneur or a startup, you definitely want to grow your business. That means getting a lot of new leads and converting them into customers.

Who gets the leads and who converts them into your customers?  Your Sales Team! You heard it right!

But do you think that it is enough for and your team to just get leads? How can you be sure they’ll become your customers? If that’s what you expect, you will be unpleasantly surprised by the measly results!

Imagine you admit a child to school. The child’s scholastic achievement will grow only if he studies at the school, and if he attends classes faithfully and participates in extracurricular activities, will he gain knowledge and advance to the next level. Makes sense, right?

Nurture Leads with Right Information

Well, this is a similar scenario regarding your lead situation. Your leads will become your customers only if you nurture them by providing information regarding your company and explaining your product/service completely. The leads you get indicate that they are interested in your product/service but you need to nurture them with additional information so that they become your customer.

Nurture Them When They Aren’t Yet Ready To Buy

Sometimes, you get really qualified prospects as your leads. And it may seem elementary that they can get a lot of benefits by using your product/service. But something is preventing them from taking action. They may need a little more attention and information, so you have to NURTURE them properly!!

A Common Mistake

At this point, many salespeople commit this mistake: They don’t know exactly what information should be conveyed to the leads to convert them, something personal that speaks to their situation and they don’t tell them enough or too much.

The Best Solution

To avoid this common error I have one solution and it has to do with the data:

A big part of marketing includes collection and analyses of data. For you to understand what your leads want to hear from you, you need to deeply understand them and their desires. If you knew exactly what it was, you could convert more of them into your customers.

Understanding Your Leads

So you need to really understand your leads… What type of content do they read and what type of content do they want and respond to?  For example, if they are coming to you for a video, they require detailed information such the video style, video length, pricing, voice over artist, animation, and script.

You have to read your leads’ minds so that you can give them what exactly they want. Here you can also work smarter by conducting an analysis on how viewers respond to different adjustments in your ad campaigns.

All the information collected through these methods will let you build a customer persona. Also, the responses from the viewers will help you understand the information that you have to convey to the leads.

By doing this, you will be nurturing your leads with the best product/service information. Nurturing is what’s really important to turn your leads into your customers. Nurturing them involves providing them the right information at the right time!

Best Lead Nurture Practice – Video

There are many ways and best practices to nurture leads. But the best one centers around the use of video. It’s been proven that the most successful sales funnel starts with a landing page video. When you include a landing page video on your site, visitors get a clearer understanding of your product/service.

They connect to your product, its features and the need that it fulfills. The best part is they get all of this in a few minutes or maybe even a few seconds. It allows them to take action right away.

Landing page videos can convert qualified leads right on the spot!

The best part about videos is that they can be shared anytime, anywhere. You can post them on social media where you prospects exchange information. You can place it in your blog posts or you can email it to your leads. In each of these cases, you can easily customize the message according to your leads needs, showing them your brand features and the and how you can serve them.

Believe me, this converts more leads into customers faster than you can imagine!

So, the best way to convert leads is through the use of video. Provide your prospect with the right information, at that right time, and they will feel confident that you will provide the solution to their specific problems.

Interact On LinkedIn

I will share another way of nurturing the leads other than video. Video is an essential element in nurturing your leads, but in addition, there are other resources you can use to add more customers.

Your prospect might not be ready to buy or sign on for many reasons. Either they don’t have the budget; they don’t feel it’s the right to make the purchase now or for other reasons. In such a scenario, you need to give the leads the relevant information they need, such as, they can purchase later at a discount, or they can receive a free consultation, and more.

A good tactic is to join LinkedIn groups and take part in the group discussions where you feel your target market might participate. Listen to the responses of your target market in order to understand them… What do they like? What do they want? What do you have that can meet their particular need?

Next, share your content to a specific group so that they get to know what you and your product is all about.  Ask questions and give them relevant answers. Your interaction on social media platforms will enable you to understand your target market and allow them to interact with your brand message.


To grow your business effectively, you need leads that can be converted into customers in the shortest amount of time possible. That means nurturing leads by providing timely and personal product or service information at the right time for them.

One of the best ways to do this is through the use of video which helps people understand your product or service, and which can be shared across various platforms which helps extend your marketing reach.

Let me know what you think of this blog in the comments section and if you really find it helpful,  feel free to share it with your friends and acquaintances on social media.

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