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Video CTA -The 3 Great Tips That Will Boost Your Conversion

When you discuss the effectiveness of using explainer videos you must consider that it involves an investment in time and money, so you naturally want the best ROI possible.
A critical component of an effective video is the Video CTA.
Startups make explainer videos for their target audience, but sometimes they overload the video with humorous or entertaining content and viewers get confused about what the primary marketing message of the video is and what they need to do after watching the video.

What Is Video CTA And Why They Are Important?

What exactly is a Video CTA?   Video CTA refers to the action you want your viewer to take after watching your video. The main goal of  a Video CTA is to increase website visits and start the conversion process. When you use the internet and surf websites, you see that websites have options such as, call now, sign up, learn more, get a free trial, buy now, and click here. By clicking on these options, the customer thinks that what will happen next will move them one step closer to solving their problems.
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3 Great Tips You Must Need When Crafting Your Video CTA

Tip#1: Tell Them When and How To Do It

Unless the video is just for purposes of conveying information,  you have to clearly state what you want the visitor to do after watching. Let’s suppose your video is placed on your website main page. The viewers watch it and then what?  You want them to contact you or sign up for your product or service but are you really doing this? Does your customer find it easy to contact you after watching your video? Did you tell them to sign up  or take other immediate action? Here’s an example of what I am talking about:
As you can see in the illustration, it clearly asks you to create an account on Now create an account is the CTA of They want their viewers to create an account on their website. This is the particular action they want their viewers to take. Moreover, you can see that they have the sign up for free button under the video which clearly points out  what they need to do next without thinking and searching where to go. They are placing more emphasis on creating the account by including a sign up button.
Similarly, there are many calls to action options that you can place on your website. You should place them clearly on the main page to indicate to visitors what it is you want them to do.
Putting the desired Video CTA on your website is a first and very important step of your conversion funnel.
Read this to know ways to include call to action on videos.

Tip#2 Make Video That Really Deserves Your Audience Time

First, you should make a really good video that introduces your product well and in an entertaining way. It should be worth the time the viewer spends watching the video. The viewer’s attention span is really short these days, but it’s still valuable in that you are asking them to watch something you’ve created. Secondly, put the right Video CTA in the video. For example, placing a learn more Video CTA button on your video will let viewers know what to do if they want to know more about your product or service. As you can see in the picture, webnickels have created a CTA that states “in two minutes, see how easy we made it”; Now the viewer knows that by watching the video he will learn how he can earn money by viewing this content. So, the Video CTA gave the users a purpose and a  reason to watch the video. You also need a strong CTA that gives viewers a good reason to watch and then to act.
Remember that your videos are essential for converting viewers into your customers.

 Tip#3 Enabling People to Learn In Different Ways

As you will probably notice, there are many kinds of videos with different story lines. That’s because every business is different as is the target audience and how they want to be communicated with. So, every business has to experiment and test which style video will help their audience to learn and take the desired action. DropBox explains how they use different types of content on their website under their resources section to attract visitors. If you look at  that particular section they have also placed text details along with their videos within it. So providing your audience with a variety of options to learn is one of the great ways to reach an audience, as has been proven by the DropBox’s success.


You should really know exactly what the Video’s CTA is to be; the action that you want your audience to take after watching your video. You should be clear enough in placing your Video CTA in your video and again on your website so that the conversion channel starts and can end in one seamless process.
Doing A/B testings for your Video CTA is another  great way to learn what your audience will respond to and will yield the best results for you.
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