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The 5 Best Pros and Cons of Video Maker Software & Video Animation Company


You know that explainer videos have gained immense popularity among the masses. These days, explainer videos have become the most powerful and persuading marketing tool.

This is because explainer videos are extremely effective in communicating the product messages. Any message, idea or concept, regardless of how complicated it is, can easily be communicated to audiences in the most interesting and memorable way.

Explainer videos make the product messages interesting with animations, vibrant colors, powerful script and story, amusing background music, pleasant voice-over and animated cartoon characters. What makes it so impactful is that these videos provide a complete product/service intro to the audiences in just a few seconds.

Explainer videos help businesses to increase their conversion rates, website traffic, and sales.Considering its benefits, every business wants to create a product demo video.

But the point we need to think about is what makes one explainer video better than anotother… because there are differences in quality and effectiveness? Either you make a video today using software or you can hire a video animation company too create your product demo.

Let’s discuss in detail the pros and cons of video maker software and video animation software.

Pros and Cons of Video Maker Software

1. Free of Cost or Reasonably Priced

If you are going to make your explainer video by yourself using video maker software then  the biggest advantage you will get is that it would be either free or of reasonable cost. Making a video with video maker software is a good option for you if you are a start up business. At the birth of your business, you can’t afford to make expensive videos using video animation companies.

For example, if you approach a video animation company to make your product/service demo video, the animation company would ask you to pay $1000 or more that for the video. Obviously, as a start up, you probably can’t afford such an amount. That is why video maker software is the best solution for you in making your product/service demo video.

2. Creating a Vision of Your Brand Concept

By using this software, you can create a visual image of your product/service idea. You can use  Camtasia or Go Animate as video maker software or you can go for a video maker tool called Pow Toon.
You can make the video using this software to educate and inform people about your product/service in your own way. You just have to start using a do-it-yoursself software solution.

There are templates available with this software, and you can select any template of your choice according to your product/service and target audience requirements and create the product/service demo for your business.
Check out some interesting tutorials for making your product/service video to help you decide.

3. Compromising on Quality

But there is a trade off to using video software – lower quality. You just can’t achieve the quality of professionally produced videos using out-of-the-box  video maker software. This is because video making is not an easy task.

Many creative influences are involved using leading professionals at video animation companies so you can’t meet the level of perfection that they strive for in their business.

4. Time Consuming

If you make a video by yourself with video maker software then it will also take a lot of time to complete it there is a learning curve in using the software, and steps required in creating the video. A video animation company has the lartest professional tools and software for video making and can turnaround a video in a short time.

The professionals at animation company follow the all the steps of video making by using their expertise, creativity and state of the art technology.

If you make the video using video maker software then you will lack the technical expertise and proficiency of video making which will take more time and the quality will not be as professional.

5. Lacking Good Video Content

Your video would be lacking the good and compelling video content such as writing a compelling script within a given time frame which takes creativity and must be structured a certain way to appeal to the target audience. difficult task.

At video animation companies, there are professional script writers  employed who create video scripts to be unique, informative and entertaing. Your video won’t probably won’t have the professional story structure  if you make it by yourself with video maker, unless of course you are a script writer..

Suppose you were asked to write a story for a writing competition. What would happen then? Yes, you can write a draft but how will it compare to novelists who have been trained in the craft and structure of short story writing? The anser is obvious and so it is with explainer video script writing.

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Pros and Cons of  Using a Video Animation Company

If you hire video animation company to create your product demo video then you will get a lot of advantages.

1.Video Making Process

The video animation company will work closely with you to give the best product demo video. It  believes in collaboration and values your suggestions and insights for the video and integrates them with their best video-making practices.

Video making involves a comprehensive production process. The animation company has leading professionals which follow set procedures during the whole video making process to give you the very best video product for digital distribution.

2. Professionals Who Create Your Video

A video company collaborates with many artists and technicians to create a video including professional scriptwriters, animators, illustrators, storyboard artists, and voice over talent that work in harmony to create the product demo video.

3. Video Animation Company Helps in Video Marketing

A good explainer video plays a vital role in increasing sales, conversion rates, website traffic and brand awareness.
A good quality explainer video can drive prospects to consume your product/service. It can facilitate spreading brand awareness and making a building  the brand image in the consumers’ mind.

Only a professional video animation company can provide you that amazing product demo video that can boost your sales.

4. Delivering Brand Stories

The video company helps market your product/service using brand stories that can really work in inspiring the viewers. Such amazing brand stories can only be created by the video animation company since they exactly know how to best showcase your product/service to viewers.

Here’s an example how video animation companies deliver amazing brand stories!

 5. Expensive Rates

The only disadvantage of  using a video animation company is that they are a bit expensive for some budgets. But there are many some companies offering video animation services at reasonable rates, so it’s good to do some research..

But remember, having the best always comes at a price, but is offset by the payoff.
The video animation company has professionals that work exclusively on your product/service video so that you can create marketing wonders using it!

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