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How To Make Explainer Videos Work For You?

Explainer videos are one of the fastest-growing marketing tools in this digital era. Have you used it for your business yet? Then here are some aspects that will convince you to use custom explainer videos for your business. Let’s first start with where to use them.


Explainer videos are a great way to quickly introduce a subject or concept. This could be a brief description of your product, service, or company. In either case, it’s a simple way for people who are unfamiliar with your brand to learn more about it. 


Explainer videos are an excellent way to simplify a complex process or idea. Remember how excited you were when your “lesson” turned out to be just watching a video? The same rule holds true here.

Instructional Videos

Nobody wants to read a manual or search for information. Explainer videos can provide simple demonstrations, step-by-step tutorials, or other types of lessons.

Sales Material

In addition to traditional applications, custom explainer videos can help your brand in other areas of communication. Do you have a favorite story? Or is it information that you constantly refer to? A custom explainer video can be a great place to start a conversation. People would rather watch a video than sift through a binder that makes them feel like bored students.


In a presentation, time is of the essence. An explainer video can help provide context or deliver important information at the top of the page, allowing you to dive into more relevant information and save time.

Now let’s study what makes custom explainer videos so effective for your business.


What Makes Explainer Videos Effective?

Video is a compelling format in and of itself, but custom explainer videos are a particularly effective way to engage with people, which benefits both your brand and the viewer in a variety of ways.

1. Easy To Understand

Video is effective because it stimulates the brain’s processing centers. Humans process information through multiple channels, both visual and auditory. It also takes into account your audience’s preferences. You’d want people to ask questions if you were delivering a pitch or demonstrating a product in person and that can be done through custom explainer videos.

2. Convenient To Use

It takes time, energy, and internal resources to pitch sales and provide customer service. Custom explainer videos can assist with some of the heavy liftings. An explainer video saves time and energy, which your team will appreciate, while also ensuring consistent messaging across all brand touchpoints.

3. Emotionally Appealing

Video is an excellent medium for eliciting strong emotions. Every aspect of production contributes to this, making it easier to connect in a variety of ways. When left with only words on the screen, the viewer may read them with an unfavorable internal tone. 

However, with a voice-over, you have complete control over the tone and message you want to convey, increasing emotional response. A human voice is also naturally familiar, lending credibility to your product, service, or brand.

Similarly, music, like voice-over, has the ability to influence mood. It’s an excellent storytelling device, whether used to set the tone or to enhance the story arc.

When it comes to visuals, custom explainer videos help you present the story in the best manner possible. The imagery depicted tells the story in a straightforward and compelling manner. This is yet another reason why customer explainer videos are a great way to communicate abstract ideas or complex subjects.

4. Higher ROI

Custom explainer videos are one of the most underutilized tools in a content marketer’s arsenal, and they can help your content marketing strategy in a variety of ways. Such as increasing your reach on all platforms by extending its life as well as the reach. 

By expanding the reach, anyone who can access the internet can watch your video and then share it further. Secondly, the traffic that visits your website can convert to potential long-term customers due to the well-crafted creative custom explainer videos. 

Your conversions are only guaranteed when the visitors spend more time on your video and for that, you need videos on your website. So, if you need visitors to spend more time on your website and partner with you, then start posting videos on your web pages.

 According to stats, 85% of the audience in the US alone watches videos online. Also, according to Google, one in every three millennials purchases a product as a direct result of watching a tutorial or how-to video.


Remember to prioritize your audience and show them the content they want to see in the videos. Tell them what they need to know engagingly, and you’ll always make the right impression. Moreover, if you want to learn more about explainer videos or get one made for your business, give Video Explainers a call and we’ll take it from there.

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