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9 Disrupting Ways To Leverage Video Animation During Coronavirus Lockdown


Whether you’re an employee working for a video production company, founder of a tech startup, a film producer, doctor, or a student, then you have firsthand felt how the coronavirus lockdown has impacted your life. Nobody is safe. People are panicking for a multitude of reasons ranging from economic factors to safety concerns. 

Amidst this all, there is one solution that can lessen the negative impact of this awful pandemic for everyone: Animation! It’s hard to stay positive in a situation like this, but how can animation not cheer you up?

But that’s not all it can do. Read on to find out.

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Video Animation:

Convey with Ads

Video animation Ads are a great tool for advertisements since they have the highest engagement rate, so the audience is bound to sit through the entire ad. And because of the coronavirus lockdown, companies will be holding off shooting with people to practice social distancing.

However, that doesn’t mean that they still shouldn’t advertise. The great thing about an animated explainer video is that it can take you any place you want. The sky is not the limit in this case. You can animate space, galaxies, the Mariana trench; it’s all up to the imagination.

Video Animation:

Spread Entertainment

With the widespread panic that coronavirus has caused, it’s imperative to ground yourself through distraction. Social media are swarming with COVID-19 news, so a fun and lighthearted animated explainer video is a useful distraction to ease your mind.

Video animation companies can make short movies or series with characters that the viewers can fall in love with and animations that leave the viewers awestruck. 

They’ll have something to look forward to instead of feeling trapped in their homes and listening to depressing news. Animated explainer videos can bring any concept to life, so video production companies should leverage it to make the craziest and unique videos.


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Video Animation:

Make Movie Trailers Great Again

The coronavirus lockdown had negative impacts on all industries, including the entertainment industries. Due to social distancing, shoots have been canceled, hence disrupting the whole schedule of movies and series releases. 

For a unique twist, production houses can release animated trailers instead of actual ones so they can still get the word out about their production and a hint of the storyline without giving away too much. Since any scenario can be created through animation, creating trailers should be fun and breezy. Plus, they’re also time and cost-effective!

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Video Animation:

Animated Gaming

Another branch of entertainment, only this one, keeps the mind active. Since the only thing you can do these days is to stay in your house, it can get pretty dull. While watching movies is fun, it doesn’t really get your blood pumping -unless it’s a horror movie. 

Playing animation, games is an engaging activity the whole family can enjoy together. There’s healthy competition, and because games are so unpredictable, they keep your mind alert and active. 

Thanks to advancements in 3d animation technology, gaming doesn’t mean sitting with a joystick in your hand anymore. Consoles like Xbox one have inbuilt sensors that allow you to interact with the game by doing actions. 

Since movement is so limited and willing yourself to exercise is hard, these types of games compel you to move while also having fun and spending quality time with your family. 


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Video Animation:

Viralize Awareness

Awareness is critical, especially when it’s related to a life-threatening pandemic like COVID-19. The coronavirus is highly contagious since it can quickly spread by contact.  Awareness regarding the topic is essential because it’s so important to educate people about the dos and don’ts in this situation.

Creating video animation jam-packed with valuable content like how to practice safe social distancing, how to clean your hands, vital information about the coronavirus, what to do if you or someone you know gets affected by it and so on.

Once these videos are made, they will spread like wildfire as the stakes are high, and everybody is looking to help. Even creating awareness about this topic could save somebody’s life.


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Video Animation:

Push The Marketing Campaign

Time and again, animated explainer videos have proved themselves to be an effective marketing tool. Since they are physically and psychologically appealing, they result in high viewership, more shares, and high engagement. This is essential for marketing as it fulfills the core purpose of it. When your marketing campaign starts to go viral through your audience, then you know you’ve done an excellent job at it.

Another factor in high shareability is the engagement rate. The explainer video forms a connection with your audience and relates to them, which is also why they lead to higher conversion rates.

Moreover, video animations are entertaining to watch, which means marketers can leverage it to explain complex concepts, so they are not lost on the viewer. They are also more cost-effective than other marketing tactics, a thing which all marketers really need because of the economic impact the coronavirus lockdown has had on their company.


Video Animation:

Fuel Education Industry

Coronavirus has forced education institutes around the world to shut down, putting parents, students, and themselves in a sticky situation. Since education is such a critical part of life, this is unacceptable. 

As a solution, online classes have been initiated, so education is not compromised in any way. However, students were not all too eager to take them. The situation is understandable; they’re stuck in their house in an uncomfortable situation thanks to the coronavirus. Not really the ideal environment for studying. 

However, educational, animated explainer videos can change all that. If educational institutes invest a little more time and energy in creating animated explainer videos for teaching, students will look forward to the online classes and be more attentive in the lectures. This way, they’ll get a mental break from the disaster coronavirus is causing, while also not compromising on their education. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column el_id=”chapter9″][vc_column_text]

Video Animation:

Fast Internal Communication

Ever since the declaration of the pandemic, the majority of businesses have shifted to working remotely as an effort to keep their business afloat. Working from home has never been easy, especially for office workers. Motivation, communication, and productivity all take a hit, which is why there are so many tools and resources available to make working from home effectively.

Animated explainer videos have proven to be a useful tool at a time like this. They can be used to revive the emotional connection with the team with the help of attractive visuals. It could either be a motivational message, birthday greeting, or an important announcement; animated explainer videos are great to deliver it. Plus, employees are less likely to skip them because they are so engaging and fun! 

Stay in touch with your team in a fun way, and let them know you haven’t forgotten about them at a challenging time like this.


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Video Animation:

Tap the Medical Industry

The medical industry has always been a hero to the community, but especially now in the COVID- 19 era. It’s no hidden fact that animation is widely used in the medical field. Combined with the right simulation tools, professionals can visualize human anatomy with mind-blowing clarity. 

Medical professionals can simulate the spreading of coronavirus in our body and use the animated explainer video for better understanding. Because of the shortage of doctors, interns and medical students have also been asked to assist with the cases. In this situation, the inexperienced medical staff can get effective training through 3D animated videos.

Final words

Video animations are incredibly flexible with their uses and can do wonders to help you get through these hard times. Whether you’re an employee, student, or a bored kid, animated explainer videos have something for everyone. 

They’re cost-effective, engaging, and enjoyable to watch. What’s not to love about them? But before you set off to do the activities mentioned above, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly and practice social distancing!


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