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How Long Does it Take to Create an Explainer Video?


As we have mentioned in our previous blogs, each and every single explainer video is made differently as per the needs of the client. Some of them are template-based while some are customized (totally based on the customer’s discretion). But when it comes to the style, the one thing that is of the essence is of course “TIME”.

A template-based animated explainer video can be made and finalized in a couple of days since it already has the design along with pre-designed elements making our job easier. With that being said, one thing needs to be taken into consideration here. These types of videos might be good in a hurry, but in the long run, do not last that long since they aren’t tailor-made for your particular business. It’s the same as wearing someone else’s used clothes, sure they keep you warm, but they never truly fit you properly.

A custom video, on the other hand, is different, since every element requires complete involvement and is made from scratch. These type of explainer videos can take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. Here is an example of a custom explainer video:

This video took us 5 weeks to make. Yes, you might think that to be a long time for us to deliver a explainer video, but let me take you through the process involved in making a video like this.

It all starts with the client contacting us and sending a brief of what they want. That is when we start working the case.

1. Research/Content Development:

Once the client tells us what they need, we start researching on what needs to be done, the things required, the color, font, character, animation style that goes with the client’s requirements and ideas. This research is then compiled and shared with the client. Upon getting approval, we move on to the next step.

Explainer video process

2. Writing the Script:

This step includes us, extracting all the data from your business, devise a story and then simplify it to create a script. In essence, we turn all the business lingo, into a common man’s language and then use relatable experiences and humor to write the script. This way your target audience will get more awareness about the brand since they will be able to “relate” to it.

In case a client already provides us with a script, this step is automatically skipped.

Explainer video process

3. Storyboarding and Illustrations:

Once the script is finalized, it is then sent for storyboarding, where digital sketches are made, keeping the script in mind. Those sketches are then sent to illustrations for fine-tuning and coloring. In Illustrations, those characters are given a final shape and definition. Every scene is hand-drawn and perfected in both these departments. This step takes around 1 to 1.5 weeks since it is very labor-intensive and requires attention to detail. The final look and feel are then shared with the client, after which we move forward.

Storyboarding and Illustrations

4. Voiceover/ Recorder

This part is often provided by the client, but in case they don’t, we are always ready and eager to do it ourselves. The final voice-over is done where the script is recorded and then adjusted and blended into the video. This part takes a day or two and then the video is sent into animations for further processing.

Voiceover/ Recorder

5. Animations:

The entire video is animated here in this step. The characters are animated using a state of the art software, which gives the video a premium look and feel. Sound effects and music are then added to complete the video. It is then double-checked, and adjusted (if needed) before sending it to the client.

Voiceover/ Recorder

6. Sharing with the client:

Once the video is finalized, we then share it with the client. The feedback is taken into consideration and necessary changes are then made accordingly.

This is how any explainer video project is made and executed. The same guidelines are used, and the same procedure is followed. All this is why, it takes around 4 to 8 weeks in general, to get a explainer video made and published. If a client shows a sense of urgency, we speed up the process and include some additional resources to get a video made in a week or two. But, with greater urgency, comes at a greater price.

finalizing images
We hope all this information helps you out and makes you take the right decision when choosing to go for an explainer video. For more details, you can always visit us on our website and read more by following our Blogs.

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