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Why a Storyboard is Essential in Developing an Animated Video?

A storyboard is one of the important parts of the animation since it includes all the details whether comprehensive or precise about your products/services. It is just like a map that leads an animator to begin the journey of visual representation of the script. 

But remember not everyone involved in the project illustration can align the elements well. Therefore, to dig out the perfection in the visual cues of the story, animation, video production companies come out to be the best solution for brands today. 

Since storyboarding is a significant process that requires time and effort, let’s take a closer look at why it is considered predominating in the entire video animated process. 

Why Storyboard is Important?


1. Identification of Problems


Using a storyboard before the animation helps to identify issues at the earliest. For example, if the story is or is not organized properly. However, the initial phase of the story helps in making a logical story for the animation. Each role of the characters, their facial expressions, gestures, and video quality are checked in this stage. 

Since 94 percent of people prefer watching explainer videos before making the buying decision, thus, it is crucial to keep everything straight and smooth during the animation phase. 


2. Makes the Production Process Easier 


The storyboard leads the way in the entire video production process. Before proceeding to the animation stage, the storyboard team views the project from various perspectives. It helps them to gather the ideas from each individual to reach the desired outcomes for the clients. Video editing is convenient because it enables the breaking of shots into smaller ones and saves time and effort in the post-production process. You can also learn more about How-to storyboard the explainer video in this blog. 


3. Saves Time and Effort 


Since storyboarding is a pre-production process, it helps to bring all ideas together in a single shot. Details about the animation, content, and visibility are all added and eliminated in this part. 

For example, if the animation does not fit well with the characters, you can change it anytime as per the requirements. More specifically, story is perfect for the live-action explainer videos in which you are free to make changes in the structure of the video accordingly. 

Once you are satisfied with the specifics, proceed further to the next step of your project. For successful results, you can also hire an animation video production company to smartly work on your storyboarding process from the start to the end. 

Essential Storyboard Checklist 

Here’s a list of a few essential storyboard checklists that you should know before making explainer videos for businesses. 

  • Focus on the 2D and 3D features and carefully analyzes how the characters are moving throughout the video. 
  • Give a closer look at the main action. 
  • Re-check dialogues and narration for alignment. 
  • Review your sound effects, images, color schemes, and the angle ratio. 
  • After the reviewing process, eliminate even the slightest possibility of errors. 

Some Useful Storyboarding Tips and Tricks 

Find out some beneficial tips and tricks for your storyboard animation videos. 

  • Try to be cinematic by adding special VFX effects and graphics to your videos. You can take inspiration from the cinematic movies, for example, Inception, Avengers, Avatar, and The Hobbit, to name a few. 
  • Make sure the content of the script and visual elements make logical sense from the start to the end. 
  • Set a relevant tone for your video and ensure that it remains consistent. 
  • Don’t forget to attract the customer pain points through the characters. 
  • Pick a theme and move along with it from the start to the end. 

Create Storyboard With Animation Video Production Company, VideoExplainers!

A storyboard is a simple process that protects you from making gross blunders or even minor errors in your explainer videos. When all the details and elements are incorporated properly, it can definitely increase the worth of your video’s developmental process. 

So, do you want to do it right for your business? 

Here we go with the best solution for you, contact VideoExplainers for the engaging video production process. From the scriptwriting process to the delivery of the project, they assure clients that everything is good to go with the final video. So, get in touch with them at +1 929 552 3638 and acquire tremendous results. 


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