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How Can I Get a Good Explainer Video?

Striving to learn something new every day, is human nature. You must be wondering why. Well, you got to thank “curiosity” for that. That is the reason why you even wondered this question. That is what you have to keep in mind when making an explainer video. You have to spark your audience’s “attention”.

The quicker you grab your viewer’s attention, the better the result would be. It is proven that people generally switch after the first 7 minutes, so if you fail to generate interest in the first 7 seconds, you have lost a potential lead.
Explainer videos are mostly short, engaging and fun to watch. They address the issues and problems faced by organizations and businesses, on a lighter note, making the videos and the concept behind them witty.

Making an Explainer video is the most convenient way to showcase your idea and the problems faced by you, but making the video is a challenge in itself. Knowing what to write, what to say, knowing how to draw the characters that embody your brand, is a challenging yet highly rewarding task. You manage to do that, and you will be known as a Great explainer. But what gets one that title? Let me take you through all the steps that will make you a great explainer:

Start with an engaging Script:

No matter how great your animations are, at the end of the day (or rather the video) it all comes down to the script. If the script isn’t engaging enough, people will most likely switch in the first few minutes. You see, a good script always addresses the issues which the users didn’t even realize they needed a solution for. The more creative your brief is, the better the response will be. Before starting, do some research. Think of some catchphrases. Incorporate those along with some humor and you will hit jackpot!

Stay to the point:

The only reason why people prefer watching a video as compared to reading an article or a book is that it saves time. If you hit them with the B.S, your viewers will most likely switch to another video that is to the point.

Remember, an explainer video is always short and crisp because it jumps straight to the point. When writing, think about how you would like to hear the video, if you yourself were looking at it from the perspective of the audience.

Know who your audience is:

One of the biggest mistakes brands make is that they identify “everyone” as their target audience. Rarely does it happen that you have a product/service that is for everyone? Even if you are selling bottled water, your brand won’t be for everyone despite the water being a basic human need. The pricing, availability, taste, and size of the water will determine the organization’s target audience. Just like that, replay your organization in your head and then think what would “you” prefer if you were the target audience for it.

Think visually:

Visualize everything before writing it. If you yourself won’t be able to imagine the pot of gold you are offering to your audience, how can you sell it to the people who will imagine every hypothetical situation before working with you? So before you become Picasso and paint lavish green pastures of wonders for your audience, take a minute to imagine them by placing yourself in those fantasies, and then show how you will turn them into realities. Remember, what can be imagined, can always be executed if one works hard enough.

Make it Fun:

Whatever you write or make, always remember the golden rule, which is to “Have Fun”. If you do not have fun with the script and make it all stuck up and professional, no one is going to enjoy it. We all love watching thrillers while documentaries make us sleepy. Apply this logic to your explainer video. A good explainer knows when to add a zinger to turn all those yawns into cries of laughter.

Use the right Sound Tracks:

All our senses come into play when we talk about a good explainer video. From the graphics to the script, to the sounds, all play a huge role in how we perceive the explainer video. Engaging all the major senses is necessary which is why choosing the right sound effect/track will enhance the quality of your work. Add even the tiniest bit of sounds like a thud or a cough, if that is what’s needed for your topic.

Include a call to action:

No matter what you do, always, always, always, include a call to action so the audience knows what to do. A call to action creates a sense of urgency which motivates the viewer to take an initiative.

Following all these steps will result in you becoming a good explainer, so you too can enjoy the perks that come with it.!

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