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10 Reasons why Explainer Videos are Ideal to Boost Social Media Engagement

It doesn’t matter whether you are running a small or a big company, adding video to your marketing strategy is a sure-fire way to draw, delight and engage your audience, and propel ROI, in return. 

And, of all the videos, adding explainer videos to your social media sites, be it Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube is one of the most economical yet efficient ways to promote your brand.

You could easily pitch your services to a wider group of audience with these videos. The best part is that it leaves a positive image in the minds of the customers about the product or the service offered.  

The only thing that you need to keep in mind while generating such videos is that the content of these videos should be in the form of an Infographic or storytelling.  

If you still are not very clear as to how explainer videos can be resourceful in scaling up your business, read the explanation below to have a better idea.

1.  Builds brand awareness and revenue

According to the latest research, 85% of people want to see more video content. This means, 

Creating and uploading engaging explainer videos on different social media sites might help build brand awareness and revenue. In fact, sharing videos on social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter generate 1200% more shares compared to image and text content. As per recent statistics, 92% share videos on social media sites through their mobile phones with friends and family members. This not only attracts traffic to your site but also has a positive impact on the ROI.    

2. Instant Gratification

If anything, videos ensure instant gratification. Video content in the form of ‘live’ sessions on social channels or Q&A videos helps explain queries in advance, which, in turn, keeps the audience engaged. 

Businesses can very well address the urgent requirements of the consumer by developing informative, unique, and summarized explainer videos.

In addition to instant gratification, video content allows the consumer to connect with the brand at a more personal level. It helps evoke emotions by the tone of voice, facial expressions, music, to name a few.

3. Offers online learning

 Consumers, these days, wish to access loads of information at the touch of a button. Explainer videos allow this.  Almost 95% of people have watched explainer videos to find more about a product or service. And nearly 81% of people have been persuaded to buy a product or service after seeing an explainer video!

And, if in case customers are enjoying the videos and tutorials offered, they could further engage with the brand or maybe even subscribe to their channel, or follow the brand on social media.  

However, the only thing that businesses need to keep in mind if they wish to enjoy the reach of platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is to upload high-quality video content.     

4. A visual delight

People relate to visual communication far better than textual communication. That’s the reason why channels such as Instagram are becoming so much popular. A concept backed by an amazing visual increase in its appeal several times.     

Explainer videos are ideal for companies to get their message out on Facebook and Instagram and. You don’t have to depend on employees to market your products. What’s more, explainer videos are engaging and persuasive. The use of animations, voice-over, storytelling technique, and so on, drive engagement rates and video views.  

5. Flexible enough

Animated explainer videos can be adapted as per your requirements. This means you are free to style it as per your marketing requirements and the target audience you’re aiming at.  So, you can easily come up with the best fit to enhance your presence on social media channels.  

6. Boosts employee and customer relations   

Via videos, businesses are expressing their willingness to help the audience out. The idea is to build an emotional bond between employees and customers. And if the videos are directed toward presenting behind-the-scene happenings, it not only presents a human face of your brand, but also enables customers to be familiar with the who’s who of your company. 

7. Chatty tone begets customers

Believe it or not, it’s not just business, even customers look forward to building a relationship with brands. So, if the narrative of the video content is in keeping with the audience’s taste, they are going to return as visitors to your platform, which in turn would be suitable for your ROI and marketing. So, keep the narrative chatty and informal. It would make the videos look more authentic as if you are talking to friends and family.   

8. Strikes a perfect emotional chord

Emotions have a special place in your audience’s mind and hearts. Plus, emotions prompt people to take immediate action. Animated explainer videos are set up with a variety of emotions in keeping with the audience’s needs – it could be joy, fun, nostalgia, excitement, so on.  

9. Mobile-friendly

People access social networks from their mobile devices. And given that explainer videos are created in keeping with the mobile format, it would be easier for customers to view it. However, ensure that you follow the basic rules while creating your animated explainer videos. Check out a couple of video editing software if you wish to tweak and tinker and make your explainer videos more mobile-friendly.  

10. Fully trackable

Videos are trackable. Which means you can make the required changes as per the audience’s taste. Social media platforms and video hosting platforms, backed by the analytics system, provide you with advanced insights, which could be used to tweak your videos further.    

Videos are easily traceable. This gives you the chance to make the necessary improvements to meet the needs of your audience. Not only do the social media platforms themselves have their own analytics system, but also the video hosting platforms in which you embed your videos provide you with advanced insights.

There you go! 10 reasons why explainer videos are ideal for boosting your company’s social media engagement. You can get in touch with the seasoned video developers at VideoExplainers to gain further ideas on explainer videos and why it’s crucial for your business. 

Author Bio:

I am Jennifer Warren, a Content Crafter with GoodFirms, a research and review platform for service and software companies.  The company provides a curated list of top mobile app development companies, top writing service companies among many others.

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