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10 Reasons Why Your business need Explainer Video


One of my clients came to me and wanted me to create his explainer video. But before we started discussing what he really wanted in his video, he asked me one thing:

Why should I need an explainer video for my business? Can’t I promote my product without using a startup explainer video?”

“I know everyone is doing it, but I really don’t understand why it’s become so popular?”

“Can you explain that to me before we proceed further?”

Now those were really good questions. I thought at that moment that my clients really need to know the reasons they need a product demo video for marketing and promotion purposes, and not just because their competition is probably doing it.

One thing to remember is that before making a startup explainer video you must really understand the essence of why an explainer video will be good for your business. Until you become aware of the advantages of using a video as a startup or growing a business, you really can’t create the very best startup explainer video.

I will explain one by one of the points that stress the need for a startup explainer video.

Top 10 Reasons To Have An Startup Explainer Video.

1. Increasing Conversion Rates

A recent study suggests that 85% of people are more likely to purchase a product after watching an explainer video. Explainer videos are especially necessary for the online businesses that need to show the product/service demonstration to a mass market.

Explainer videos increase the understanding level of the audience because it clearly shows the product benefits and features, and how the product can be used to solve a particular problem or fill a distinctive need. Startup Explainer Video gives an opportunity for startups to turn their web visitors into real customers. Startups and businesses can also gain analysis of product popularity and resulting sales as revealed by the number of visitor views of each product demo video.

2. Make Your Product/Service Clearer

Explainer videos have the advantage of not being easily misinterpreted. The message will be clearer to most viewers and they will have fewer misperceptions about the product/service. It’s the exact opposite with the text on your website. When you read the text, some people may misunderstand a phrase or jargon, or skim, which could leave them confused or doubtful about taking action.

But if visitors watch a short explainer video, you will project the product/service concept, its features and the need that it fulfills, much clearer. Startup explainer videos enable you to connect with your customers. Nothing could be better than showing customers how their problem is solved with your solution!

3. Drive Conversions by Increasing Interest

Today all startups and businesses promote their business through social media by using startup explainer video. And videos trend the most of social media. You can attract audiences to your startup product by making a product demo video in which to create interest.

The best part of online video is that you can easily upload and share them. This increases the reach of your startup message in mass markets. According to a study published in The C100, over 70% of Internet users watch online videos, and over 50% of all people will watch videos this year!

4. Google Ranking

What I have discovered is that those websites that are overly loaded with information and images rank low in Google searches.

These days, the customer attention span is really short, so visitors don’t have time to go through these overly loaded info-websites. What they need are a means that will give them all the necessary information they are looking for in just a few seconds.

These bloated websites prevent prospects from truly understanding the product or solution, resulting in a lost sale or click off.

Startup explainer videos command attention, and then provide accurate product information quickly, which enables prospect to make confident decisions faster!

According to the Superkrush, adding videos to landing pages can increase conversions by nearly 90%.

  • Your Website Is 50 Times More Likely To Appear On the First Page of a Search Engine Results Page If It Includes Video.
  • 80% of Your Online Visitors Will Watch a Video While Only 20 Percent Will Actually Read Content in Its Entirety.

Facts via QuickSprout, InSivia, and DigitalSherpa

5. Growth in Website Traffic

According to Superkrush, it predicted that 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video. Videos are the best source for generating website traffic. Startups need to place a video on the landing page in order to increase the web traffic.
Startups and growing businesses can really benefit from trending viral videos. Though there is no secret to making viral videos, only a great video gets has a chance of becoming truly viral and spreading the word of your business far and wide. – Our Blades Are F***ing Great by Dollar shave club (Over 19 million Views)
Generic Brand Video, by Dissolve by Dissolve (over 1 million views)

6. Enabling Audiences to Retain Information

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than reading text. (Sources: 3M Corporation and Zabisco)). This fact very clearly shows that a human brain is good at processing information that is presented by visual means and if you provide video to your customers, then you are enabling them to learn all about your business offering.

7. Making a Good Pitch

Explainer video conveys the perfect product pitch! Text can’t really make as strong a pitch! You can provide product information through text, but it would lack the impact of video.

The customers today prefer more action and entertainment than simply reading text. They are more attracted to a product message that is delivered by way of video.

This is so because the message in the video is delivered to the audience with the support of a powerful and convincing script, clever animations, vibrant colors, entertaining cartoon interesting characters, a riveting storyline, powerful visuals and background music.

8. Easy to Upload and Share

The best part about these videos is that they can easily be uploaded and shared, thus increasing brand awareness among the masses.

YouTube’s popularity is not a new thing to you. It is the #2 ranked search engine. Viewers search for and watch videos on YouTube. It’s the perfect place for startups to place their videos and reach a wider audience at very low cost.

9. Brand personality

As I mentioned earlier, online businesses need to make an explainer video to demonstrate product features for their target markets. To increase sales, these startups really need to create a brand personality of their own. Explainer videos enable the development of a brand personality which can really help in influencing prospects.

The video’s characters, story, and animations really work well together in making and enhancing a brand personality and image.

Apart from brand persona, explainer videos help in making brand associations.

The problem-solution methodology helps to build associations in customers’ minds. Moreover, the character used in the videos also work in connecting with everyday people.

10. Help to Develop Credibility

As a startup, you are new in the business. You have an idea, concept and thoughts about how to shake things up. You can share these concepts with people. But why would they believe in you? In your idea? In your concept?
If you are a startup, you may have very little credibility. You need to build trust in your customers. An explainer video helps you in convincing people to learn more and trust you.

When people watch your video, they begin to understand your identity better. These videos provide them with evidence of your credibility. The videos enable you build a trusting relationship with your audience as it shows them that you are truly interested in solving their problems and providing a solution.

Also, the videos build credibility among the audience as it shows them how you work, your mission, your objectives, your dedication to the work and why you strive for success.


So, now you have been presented with a few sound reasons why you should have your own startup explainer video, and why they are so popular. With a high-quality video, you will build trust and credibility, make it easier for prospects to understand your offering as a solution to their problem, and convert more customers at lower cost.

Let me know what you think of this blog in the comments section and if you really find it helpful,  feel free to share it with your friends and acquaintances on social media.


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