Top 5 SEO Strategy Concerns from Google Matt Cutts

I think it is the essence of what SEO is all about for all website owners: creating great content for real people, Think about marketing what attracts your audience, Which really helps your site rank well. The SEO strategy concerns that I have read in Google Matt Cutts article are: Having a website that is not […]

Using Relevant Videos can lead to better sales funnel conversion

You have recognized the benefit of embedding videos on your website, and how it can increase your conversions, but your rate of conversion will be much higher if you are able to keep your videos relevant.  So the relevant videos will help you to make your sales  funnel conversion better. While videos that are designed […]

4 Tips to Create a Powerful Explainer Video Script

    Explainer Video Script Tips For Explainer Video Script: 4 Tips to Create a Powerful Explainer Video Script create a powerful Explainer video script will give you a jumpstart on learning this skill. Scripts work best when: You understand the audience and what they need to hear Communicate no more than 3 main points Clearly […]