Top 5 SEO Strategy Concerns from Google Matt Cutts

Top 5 SEO Strategy Concerns from Google Matt Cutts

I think it is the essence of what SEO is all about for all website owners: creating great content for real people, Think about marketing what attracts your audience, Which really helps your site rank well.

The SEO strategy concerns that I have read in Google Matt Cutts article are: Having a website that is not crawlable. You can see this article for more help.

Not using the correct words on your page. The example doesn’t just write, Niagra falls height but writes, How high is Niagra falls because that is how people search.

Focus on Content Marketing:

Don’t waste too much time on building links instead focus on great content and marketing.
Don’t forget to think about the title and description of your most important pages. see this article.
Using webmaster resources and learning about how Google works and what SEO strategy concern is all about.

Don’t Ignore Your Body Copy:

Your content should support the mean headline. SEO strategy concerns further your headline in your web content. Google would know then where it should rank your website.

Make it Concise and Clear:

Keep in mind your audience when you are writing the content. Your audience should understand what you are writing for them. They want information that is easy and clear. So make sure you write content that is concise and clear. You can use jargon related to your field but then again don’t overload them. This will make it difficult for the SEO strategy concerns for the readers to understand it.

Make High-Quality Video Content

If you want to make your website competitive, then keep in mind that your content should be of high quality. If you offer content that is good, readable, clear and understandable then it would definitely make people read it and share it.

Add Caption and Images:

Don’t make your website too heavy that the viewers find it difficult to open it. Use little text on your home page. Add text in blogs and where it makes a sense for text. If your website has a lot of images then do add captions. Captions are required as google densest read images.

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