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Using Relevant Videos can lead to better sales funnel conversion

You have recognized the benefit of embedding videos on your website, and how it can increase your conversions, but your rate of conversion will be much higher if you are able to keep your videos relevant.  So the relevant videos will help you to make your sales  funnel conversion better.
While videos that are designed to get attention do have their place, you will find that videos that are relevant to your product are the best for ensuring a high rate of conversion. High rates of conversion eventually then lead to better sales  funnel conversion.

Sales funnel Conversion

Sales Funnel conversion is a process that starts from the conversion. It goes like this for high sales you need good conversion rates. That means you want people to visit your website and sign up to start the sales process.
For good conversion rates you need good quality, relevant videos on your website that compel people to use your product/service.
Thus if you use good quality, relevant videos, then they would increase conversion rates. The increased conversion rates would lead to Sales Funnel Conversion then.

Rules For Using Relevant Videos that Lead to Better Sales Funnel Conversion

Here are some tried and true principles for using relevant videos so that they lead to better sales funnel conversion.

Make Informative Videos

When embedding a video, the first question that you have to ask yourself is what information do I want my visitors to have? Do you want to explain a product or system? Do you want to demonstrate the effectiveness of a product?
Are you selling yourself as a trustworthy person to do business with? Whatever the main goal is, your video should be designed to deliver the information.
The Do’s for Making a Video:

Make the Message Clear

Deliver the message in a direct manner.

Make it Concise

Keep it as short as possible while still delivering the message.

Make it Engaging

Make the video seem to speak directly to the visitor.
Making informational videos that are engaging, clear, and brief can make a potential customer feel like they have just been introduced to you and your brand. Familiarity with both will make them more likely to convert.
Some websites have had luck by will funny or irrelevant videos go viral, bringing attention to their brands. However, that is not always the type of attention that you desire. Ask yourself three questions before you post:
Is this video, accurate? If you misrepresent yourself and your service in any way you could be opening yourself to bad publicity or even legal action. A classic example is when Pepsi promised that a Harrier Jet could be bought with Pepsi Points.
Is your video keeping your brand identity in mind? You need to consider your brand image first and foremost.
Does your video ask for the sale? This may not need to be a direct sales pitch, but does it encourage conversion by making a product attractive to your target demographic?

Give Your Videos Context

How you frame your videos can be very important as well. If you want to make an instructional video on how to use your product, for example, your introduction should state that up front before mentioning any benefits of your product.
Here are some steps that may help:

Keep it very simple

Do not try to impress a customer with complexity. You would rather have them be impressed with your product. Excessive, irrelevant graphics or other flashy distractions can take their focus away from where you want it to be.

Go step by step

Sometimes slides with text can help to separate one step from the next. This step by step instruction can make them familiar with your product and its benefits without ever having to spell them out for them.

Keep Updating Your Video Page

Occasionally replace videos to keep them fresh. Videos that are on your site for an excessive amount of time may begin to look dated. This is a downfall of many well-established websites that have not kept up with technology.

Make A Gentle Pitch

Even if the main idea of your video is to make a sales pitch, your video does not need to play hardball. Videos that make excessive, direct sales pitches can be a turn off and make your visitors feel like they just clicked on an infomercial.
Here are some things that may help:

Showing the Best Qualities of Your Product

These days, twice as many sports fans follow their sports by watching the highlight reels as do the ones who actually watch the games. The best videos for your website will show the very best qualities of your product as if it is something you are proud of showing rather than trying to make a sale.

Identify your audience

Right away your video should be upfront with who it is speaking to. If your market is college students who are looking for used textbooks, address them in a casual way that makes them feel invited to a conversation.

Ask for the sale visually

A common mistake that promotional videos make is verbally asking for the sale at the end. Your video is a visual medium and you can present a visual call to conversion. The most successful YouTube videos realize this when they place a more videos like this or the subscription link at the end of their video.

Concluding That…..

These principles will help you a great deal in making good quality, relevant videos for your website. These videos will increase your conversion rates, which would eventually lead the sales funnel conversion.
I hope now you understand that how much it is important to use good quality and relevant videos for your sales funnel conversion process.

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