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4 Tips to Create a Powerful Explainer Video Script



Explainer Video Script

Tips For Explainer Video Script:

4 Tips to Create a Powerful Explainer Video Script create a powerful Explainer video script will give you a jumpstart on learning this skill. Scripts work best when:

  • You understand the audience and what they need to hear
  • Communicate no more than 3 main points
  • Clearly describe the steps and have a visual demonstration/graphic
  • Incorporate stories as appropriate
  • Utilize these tips for a better script, which will lead to a better video overall.

Understand Your Audience

This simple step is vital to creating an Explainer video script and video that is both powerful and useful. Is the audience already familiar with the industry or are they new prospects? This will influence not only how much information is included but how it is presented.
Understanding the audience will allow you to create a script that tells them why they care about the product or service and why they should watch the rest of the video.
For example if you write a script to explain how to build funny cat photos, it is important to understand if your audience already knows how to upload a photo, but not to add explainer video script or if they have no idea how to start.
If you know they already have mastered the photo portion, but need help with words you can create a script that points out how cat photos are more fun with captions and that you will show them how to create these captions, find quotes and other sources for their captions.
Understanding your audience is also important because you don’t want to waste time sharing information they already have or scare them by sharing too much information. easy steps

Communicate Easy Steps

A explainer video script that gives no more than 3 key points or steps will allow the audience to listen and understand far better than a script that has 20 points.
People simply don’t have the capacity to remember that much information clearly. It is often far better to create multiple scripts and videos that walk the audience through a complex process, rather than one long one.
This allows them to master a few steps at a time and repeat the video as often as necessary. It also allows you to build a relationship with the audience as they view each new video.
This idea is used by internet marketers who create how to videos for building websites and using software. Software companies often have their own demonstration videos, but when a user is looking for a very specific answer often a YouTube video will be available with that exact information without all of the extra stuff the company video includes.

Clearly Describe the Steps

Videos are intended to explain, in an easy to understand way, a process or product. This may seem obvious, but how many times have you tried to put together something with directions that made no sense.
This is one of the main reasons graphics are now so widely used. If the user can’t understand the text, maybe they will understand the graphic representation so that everyone can understand what is correct.
It is important to keep in mind when writing an Explainer video, script for a video, be very clear and concise for each step as it is described. It is also important to explain any jargon or industry standard phrases that may be unfamiliar to new users.
After all a multi-function device to someone may be a copy machine to another and a fax machine to a third person. It is best to clearly define words and phrases so everyone understands what is being said.

Incorporate Stories

Videos are often step-by-step directions on how to perform tasks. They can be a little dry and boring however if you include some stories along the way it will make the whole video more interesting.
These may be short anecdotes about what happened when you accidentally skipped a step or a story about how you discovered a great tip to make a process better.
These personal stories not only help make the video more interesting they also help build a relationship with the audience. As you share about yourself; the audience begins to feel like they know you which builds trust and consumers are more likely to make purchases from people they trust. A powerful and informative.
Explainer video script will lead to a video that will be shared widely across many media outlets.

Concluding With….

Writing a strong video script can require a lot of planning. To ensure you understand the audience, are communicating no more than 3 important points, are using language that clearly describes each step and incorporate stories to make it more interesting to the viewer. The effort is worth it when the script produces a video that is shared widely and converts prospect to sales.

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