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How to Use Video Marketing On Social Media

Videos are taking over the world of marketing. Mainly because technology is on the rise and humans are in a hurry. On average expected time for an individual to watch videos is 100 minutes/day. It shows that your potential target is eager to watch videos and know your business. You just need aid from an explainer video marketing service and cope with what everyone wants. 

Reading text even on social media is going out of style. And if you want your brand to stay alive in this era, this blog is just right for you. Here’s how to use video marketing on social media.

1. Set your Goals

Don’t just fire the video marketing shot aimlessly. Always remember that you are doing it for a reason. The goals can be reached, awareness, engagement, leads, conversions, retention, re-targeting, or whatever you name it. Then, know which video type will work best for the motive. Explainer video marketing services offer multiple options like a whiteboard, 2D or 3D animation, motion graphics, or typography videos. 

Here’s a descriptive guide to choosing the video type for your brand

2. Select Social Media Channels

Not every video is suitable for every social media site we use. Long or behind-the-scenes vlogs are more appropriate for YouTube. And short-form reels are the best for Instagram, TikTok, and partially, Facebook. Informative explainer videos work better on website pages and YouTube. Live videos are perfect for Facebook and Twitter, and animation with a blend of live-action aligns with IGTV or Facebook. So basically, what you are going to show helps choose the social media channel. 

3. Be Original & Value-Driven

Your video marketing goals should be clear, sound, original, and value-driven. Here we mean to express who you are in your way. You may find many similar businesses, and copying their ideas blur away your brand’s identity. And the viewers don’t appreciate that. While you are unique, make your communication value-driven as well. If it is a how-to video, and you have, for say, a DIY furniture brand, introduce your unique way of doing things. 

4. Talk Like You Care

“Social media users are there eagerly waiting for your pitch!” That is just an ideal assumption, and no, they are not! You need to attract them with your ‘caring’ approach and advertise what you have for them. Video marketing can be the most fruitful way of reflecting your true identity, so never miss the chance of empowering your viewers with emotional or relatable content. 

5. Try Adapting a Storytelling Approach

People are more interested in watching and engaging with stories rather than just plain and boring videos with instructions or information. And what do you expect why everyone is scrolling social media? Because they want an escape and storytelling approach always remains in the limelight of doing that. Win their hearts, be creative, and build a relationship with your potential target audience. 

6. Be Proactive with Scriptwriting

Do you know that the entire essence of a video depends on the initial script? The production process flows through a hierarchy where scriptwriting is the first step after brainstorming the idea. Keep it short, precise, and easy to understand. Believe us; no one wants to listen to fancy vocabulary when you are doing video marketing. The shorter and easier way you pave, the better and stronger the message you communicate. Also, end it with a CTA (Call-to-action) so the viewers are never hanging up without any further direction. It’s always wiser to work with an explainer video marketing service that can be proactive with your script. 

Read more: How to Write an Explainer Video Script.

7. Ace your Analytics Game

Social media marketing is all about analytics. The success of video marketing lies in the numbers, reach, impression, CTR (Click-through-rate), and conversions. Always keep an eye on which video got more responses. There’s always one or two types that are meant for your brand and your audience. Analytics helps you identify your secret success card. Each platform has different metrics and requires you to study each accordingly.

Time to Hire an Explainer Video Marketing Service!

Now that you know, video marketing is literally then foundational and recurring step to stay with your new and potential customers, do not miss out. You may not be an expert in doing the best with animation, videos, whiteboard, or even creatives. But don’t worry, Video Explainers is the hands-down, best explainer video marketing service that can produce videos just the way you want. Reach them out and discuss all that you want. 


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