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What Animation Style Best Fits Your Brand


Every week, 78 percent of people watch videos online and 55 percent watch them every day. In fact, 54 percent of customers say they want to see more video content. Many of these videos are animated explainer videos. Today, brands hire animated video services to create different types of videos for them. 

Companies employ animation for a variety of reasons, such as its ability to explain complicated concepts, imagination, and to remain appealing. You must choose an animated video style that aligns well with your business message. 

Types of Animation for Explainer Videos 

Here is a list of six essential animation types for your explainer videos that you can choose to bring a spotlight to your products. Let’s dive into it deeper! 

1. 2D Animation 

To portray the appearance of motion in 2D animation, several flat pictures are arranged consecutively. Back then, images painted on translucent paper were the major part of 2D animation. As for now, images are given importance frame-by-frame to make your brand’s story more engaging and compelling for the audience. For the marketing videos, there is nothing best than 2D animation because it can engage viewers from the start to the end. 

2. 3D Animation 

3D animation offers a third dimension to the animation by adding profundity using both height and breadth similar to 2D animation. You will find this kind of animation in the Toy Story movie and in many other kids’ films to create a fun and playful impact. 3D helps to develop highly authentic scenes, characters, objects, and materials by creating more realistic settings. In this way, customers will be able to see more lifelike surroundings and people, which will assist them to have a better idea of the product. 

3. Whiteboard Animation 

When firms have relatively intricate and dull concepts, using a whiteboard helps people to understand each step carefully of a product. Each stage is performed separately to keep the audience stuck to the screen. It is because people enjoy watching the drawings of products reaching their final stage. When making a whiteboard animation, keep in mind that it must be clear, simple, and easy. It makes whiteboard animation unique and popular among people on a global scale. 

3. Blend of Animation with Live-Action

When you combine animation with live-action, it emerges as an extremely stunning explainer video. You may employ animated characters to depict real-life scenarios, or you can utilize individuals from your brand or business and place them in backgrounds. With the blending of these two types, customers will get deeper insights into the understanding of the products/services. Because you are not simply presenting an animated video or a live-action, you are using both genres to get into the customer’s mind. 

4. Motion Graphics 

Motion graphics is an animated design style that often includes plenty of information and some basic visuals for communication. To put it simply, motion graphics don’t have any characters or a strong plot, but they are prominent across multiple sectors for decades. Such videos allow you to clear the unnecessary mess by focusing on the main message. That is why it is useful for marketing to drive the audience crazy after your brand in a few simple yet effective visual components.

5. Topography Animation

For several years, typography animations have become famous, and we can see them in everything from movie trailers to television advertising. Web designers embrace and use them extensively in website and display banner design. The wire framework gives an appealing animation and typefaces to all the visual components. You can use polygons wherever required to eliminate the distortion in movements. As a result, it is an animation medium that marketers choose to engage the customers toward the products/services.

Hire Animated Video Services to Positively Influence your Target Audience! 

Previously, several marketing efforts failed badly, however, today, with the crafting of the animated explainer videos, nothing can go wrong. Remember, it can be frustrating if in case your explainer video does not go viral as it should be. That is why it is incredibly vital to choose the accurate animation style as per your products and services that too from reliable animated video services. 

And guess what? 

VideoExplainers can do this easily without any hassle. Fortunately, it is because they have a team of skilled animators and graphic designers who work hard to deliver you the best. So, give them a call today at +1 929 552 3638 and acquire free consultation about the animation style that fits perfectly well with your brand. 

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