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The Top Industries That Are Using Explainer Videos to Supercharge Their Marketing


If you’re looking to drive your business forward and maximize your marketing efforts, explainer videos are an essential tool to add to your arsenal. 

These bite-sized videos are perfect for explaining complex products or services in a simple, easy-to-understand way that engages and excites potential customers.

In this post, we’ll explore the top industries that are using explainer video to boost their marketing efforts and drive sales.


Tech and SaaS Companies:

Tech and SaaS companies are among the biggest users of explainer video.

With complex products that can be difficult to explain in text or static images, explainer videos provide an engaging and memorable way to demonstrate the value of their offerings.

Companies like Slack, Dropbox, and Salesforce have used explainer video to drive their marketing efforts and grow their customer base.


E-commerce company

E-commerce Companies:

E-commerce companies face a unique challenge when it comes to marketing their products online.

With no physical storefront, they must rely on images and videos to showcase their products and drive sales.

Explainer video is a powerful tool for e-commerce companies, providing an immersive and engaging way to show off their products and highlight their unique features. 

Companies like Amazon and Warby Parker have used explainer videos to build brand awareness and drive sales.



healthcare companies

Healthcare Companies:

Healthcare can be a complex and confusing industry, with many products and services that are difficult for patients to understand.

Explainer video can simplify the process, making it easy for patients to understand the value of different treatments and procedures. 

Healthcare companies like Johnson & Johnson and Kaiser Permanente have used explainer videos to educate patients and build trust with their customers.


Financial Services Companies:

Financial services can be another complex industry that is difficult for consumers to navigate. 

Explainer video can be used to simplify complex concepts and make it easier for consumers to understand financial products and services.

Companies like American Express and TD Ameritrade have used explainer videos to build brand awareness and educate their customers.

Education Companies:

Education companies can use explainer video to make their products and services more engaging and memorable for students. 

Videos can be used to explain concepts in a simple and easy-to-understand way, making it easier for students to learn and retain information.

Companies like Coursera and Duolingo have used explainer videos to build brand awareness and drive enrollment.




Whether you’re in the tech industry, healthcare, finance, e-commerce, or education, explainer videos can be a powerful tool for driving your marketing efforts and growing your business. 

By providing an engaging and memorable way to explain complex products and services, explainer video can help you stand out in a crowded marketplace and build brand awareness. 

If you’re not using explainer videos yet, now is the time to start.

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