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How to Get The Most Out of ANIMATED VIDEOS FOR BUSINESS And Facebook

Want to get more likes on your Facebook business page? Try using animated videos!

Animated video is proven to be a game-changer for businesses. Marketers consider these videos a magic wand for their awareness campaigns. And if the channel is a big giant like Facebook, the ROI becomes double. 


Because watching videos on Facebook has influenced the buying decision of 64% of consumers. Using animated videos for business is extremely essential in 2023 and onwards. Because these videos not only nurture your audience, but also have the power to convert them at the moment. In a nutshell, the videos gear up the decision-making state. A win-win situation for you!

This blog highlights the top five tactics you can apply immediately to grow your business’s Facebook page.

Before we see the tips to optimize, let’s quickly review animated videos for business (In case you are curious to know!).

What Are Animated Videos?

Animated videos are a cost-effective way to convey your message as illustrations and designs. 2D, 3D, and whiteboard animations are popular, video types with high conversion rates. Businesses use all three types to create brand awareness.

Top 5 Tips to Leverage Animated Videos For Business And Facebook

1. Keep Your Business in Spotlight With Mobile Friendly Videos

Do you know that 65% of Facebook video views come from mobile? 

The star indicates that your animated videos must be optimized for phones. It is better to use square ones because the format works best for mobile devices.

Also, it is beneficial for Facebook ad campaigns. There is no need to mention how important it is to get more views on your videos. It will increase your reach and is likely to boost conversions. 

2. Measure Your KPIs With Facebook Insights

How about taking exams and not getting results? Unsatisfactory. Right? 

Also, no idea where you stand.

Similarly, measuring your business progress is crucial. It helps you improve and suggest the changes needed for more fruitful results. Keep track the performance of your animated videos for business with Facebook insights. It will prevent you from making mistakes in crafting your next video.

3. Win The Race With Captions

Why we jumped on winning? It is because most watched videos on Facebook are no sound. Videos with captions are more likely to go viral. And you will stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Adding subtitles can easily transfer your idea. The animated video will sound more professional and compelling with this pro tip. You can always try AB testing to see whether is it working for you or not.

4. Please The Viewers With Short Animated Videos

Life is busy these days. People avoid watching videos for more than a minute, especially if it is promoted. Of course, it is a must to explain the product completely, but it is also important to keep the duration short.

On Facebook, you have only seconds to state the problem, tell the viewer how you can help, and drive him to the CTA. Luckily animated videos for business can cover all three stages within a short time.

5. Make a Stunning Thumbnail

Why should customers see your videos? 

There are tons of videos posted daily on Facebook. The topmost scroll-stopping feature of the video is its thumbnail. So it must be stunning and catchy enough to compel readers to watch your video. 

Also, write searchable titles on the videos so that the right people could find you. It will save you time as well as money on ads.

Get a Top-Notch Animated Video!

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Concluding Animated Videos For Business

It is how you can make the most of your animated videos for business and Facebook. Mobile-friendly videos with captions and thumbnails increase the chances of growth.

Most of the animated videos are story based. And storytelling is the best way to engage customers. 

Try making videos for each stage of marketing. It will help you make trustable customer relationships. Reach out to Video Explainers for animated videos for business best for your website and social media. Have a remarkable video marketing campaign!

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