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Top 11 Video SEO Tips for Beginners in 2022


Relevance and quality of SEO are essential for your website’s visibility and success. When incorporating video to your website, the same rules apply. If you have decided to implement a video on your website or blog, you are launching an already successful campaign. Video is engaging, it enriches your customers as well as potential customer’s experience on your website and is one of the best video SEO tips. Here are some tips on video SEO Tips for beginners.

Quality vs. Quantity

Your video is the vehicle for lead generation as well as sustaining current customer interest. Make sure your video has relevance to what your company message is attempting to convey. For example, if you decide on a how-to video, make sure your product is the main focus of the piece. Enlighten the watcher while still invoking light and entertaining feel.

Tags, Tags, And More Tags

Don’t forget to use Key phrases and keywords in  SEO Tips for Beginners . It will help search engines find and place your video. SEO needs to be focused on your brand and tags help to drive customers to your website. Using general as well as specific keywords and tags will help your website rating on search engines.

Pick a Strong Video Title

Using a relevant title to your video which includes specific keywords is imperative. A catchy title coupled with rich SEO Tips can improve search engine visibility and also prompt the reader to watch as well as share your video.
Choose an engaging description.

Your video description will either prompt a reader to further investigate your media or drive them elsewhere. Use your description as an SEO Tips rich and engaging index to your video. A good description can help with search engine rank.

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Use Link-backs

Wherever you post, you should include links which can lead the potential customer back to your website. Using links allow customers to access specific areas of your website. Using video as a portal to your site sparks interest and in turn nurtures the intrigue of potential customers to further investigate your website.

Provide transcripts

HTML transcripts of your video allow for further reinforcement of SEO. Search engines love HTML and providing them with a good transcript will provide a platform from which search engines can index rank. The better your rank, the easier for customers and potential clients to access your website.

Submit Video to Rss Feeds

Submit your video to various RSS feeds and create a hyperlink. Help your SEO get seen and found, use as many outlets as possible on various RSS platforms for maximum organic exposure.

Keep your video length in check

A well scripted and solid 2 to 3 minute video will keep the watcher’s attention. Boring a potential client is absolutely not the route you want to take with your video. Engagement is the key to enhancing an individual’s potential to continue on your website as well as share your video or website information with others. Also, by creating a video around a strict time constraint you are forced to ensure the content is SEO rich, direct, and entertaining.

Video Sitemaps allow a better search

Search engines can find your website easier and can rank it higher if you have a proper video sitemap. Again, you are looking for SEO rich content which is attractive to search engines and a video sitemap is another opportunity for you to get found.

Create brand awareness

Creating a buzz around your brand will help customers get involved and get excited about new product or service launches. Your brand should exemplify your company’s best features, introduce your star employees, solidify your company culture, etc. Get the masses involved by creating a buzz with teaser videos.

Share, share, and share some more

Share your video on social networking websites. Submit your video to a variety of prolific social media individuals. All this while including a call to action button on your video will allow you to generate leads and create a presence that cannot be ignored.


If you attack SEO from all sides by implementing video in your marketing campaign you are setting yourself up for success. Integrating different tactics and using a creative advertising campaign will help your website and company message be seen, heard, and shared.

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