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Top 4 Best Explainer Video Uses – Realize it’s Worth

Let’s get straight to the point.

You’ve got a video. I am sure you must have read enough about explainer videos and that is why you produced one for your business. You must have understood some of the explainer video uses and benefits, such as how it is effective in communicating the product message and presenting the big idea to the viewers; how it contributes to increasing website conversions, how it influences viewers’ minds, etc.

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Okay, so now you realize what an amazing video can achieve you have to be pleased that you have a video! So, what’s next? Now, what you are going to do with it? What is the best way to use it in your marketing mix?
I am stressing this point because when you get a video for your business, you spend your time, money, and effort creating it. Your video should give you the best results. But if you don’t use it in the right channels, it won’t work as hard for you as it possibly can! But you won’t have to do any research or testing, because I have done that work for you and the answers are below.

Let’s dig into the Top 4 Explainer Video uses.

4. Landing Page

The first place you should use your video is on your landing page. In fact, you probably made the video after realizing the worth of a landing page video. By placing a video on a landing page, you are presenting your visitors with the golden opportunity to understand all about your brand and company in a short amount of time.

When web visitors watch landing page videos, they actually get to understand the brand ideology and essence. If the connection with it, they become your customers, or they become potential leads for you to convert. So, in short, the sales conversion funnel all starts with a video!

Now let’s check some hard facts about landing page videos:

  • Landing pages with video have up to 800% more conversions than the same page without a video. (Source: Orion21).
  • Adding videos to landing pages can increase conversions by nearly 90 %.(superkrush)
  • A bright explainer video placed above the fold on your landing page is the perfect catch: visits go from that initial 8 seconds up to 2 minutes on average. That’s a 1500% boost right there!

You will be able to achieve these high conversion rates only if your video is on the main landing page.

3. Social Media

This seems very obvious. Social media is no doubt one of the best explainer video use these days. It gives you various opportunities to increase the reach of your message to the audience. Believe me if you make the right use of social media, you are going to do wonders for your business!!

You have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube as your heavy hitters, but there are many more groups in your field that you can use to spread your message to your target audience. Don’t delay, add videos to your existing social media accounts, find new ones, and then optimize them with video.
Again, here is data to prove why you should do so:

  • Twitter users share 700 videos every minute.
  • On YouTube, over 100 hours of video are uploaded in the same amount of time.
  • 60% of social media users choose Facebook to share their videos.

YOUR video can be among the videos that are shared on social media.

Don’t miss this big opportunity! Can you imagine your brand message instantly available to billions of people around the world? It’s possible using social media.

Mark Zuckerberg claimed that “most of the content on Facebook is content that people are sharing with their friends and the people around them. And if you look into the future, a lot of the content that people share will be video. It’s just very compelling.”

Now, how powerful is that statement? Video is the most shared content on Facebook. So can you afford to lose this opportunity? You cannot!! What you have to do is post your videos on your social media accounts and try to make it as viral as you can!!!

2. Email

The best part about video is that it can be used in numerous channels. You can deploy them on social media and landing pages, but also you can also include video in your email marketing. Videos will help you to get the attention of prospects and customers because they want to open and view the video.

The following facts will prove how much video contributes to successful email marketing.

Click-through rates with emails using video increase an average of 100% and even emails simply with the word video in their subject line increase their open rate from 7 to 13%.

Well, the stats speak for themselves on this great explainer video use. Can you imagine how much impactful video would be to your email recipients to read “video” in the subject line?

Remember this: When you’re dealing with a short attention span, and you have to convey your company value, nothing can work better for you than an explainer video use!

  •   You can use an explainer video in a sales email.
  •   When you are emailing your potential leads, you can use it to convince them.
  •  Video can also be used in a newsletter.

1. Presentations

Probably the best place where you can use video to sell is in presentations, events, workshops, and conferences.
Gone are the days, when Powerpoint was used in presentations.

Video has proven to be the most persuasive marketing and promotional tool and  is embraced by entrepreneurs and corporate officials in most presentations in order to communicate the message to the audience more effectively.

So, you can use your video in workshops, events, conferences and presentations. The best explainer video use here would be to start the event with the video!!! Believe me it would be a great first experience for the audience!!!

There are usually many people at these events and it becomes difficult for the speaker to communicate the message precisely to all the attendees who may be preoccupied with other business tasks and communication. Moreover, usually people get bored at these events and need to be stimulated.

Video can bring excitement and amusement to your audience.. A video gives them a break from hard statistics delivered verbally or through a slide show. Meanwhile, you can also reinforce the big idea or message that needs to be conveyed at the conference. Use videos anywhere… at the beginning, end, or within the presentation.


You have a video. Kudos! But you should know exactly how and where to use your video in order to get the maximum benefit from it. In other words you should know how to avail the best explainer video use for your interest. To maximize video impact you can place it on a landing page to increase conversions, or share it on social media to increase the reach of your message, or you can use it in email marketing, and lastly, you can use it in presentations, workshops, events, and conferences.

Let me know what you think of this blog in the comments section and if you really find it helpful,  feel free to share it with your friends and acquaintances on social media.


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