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Reinventing Education Using Video


If you have been following my blogs, then you must have observed that I usually explore “How video”:

  • Increases the customers’ understanding level
  • Impacts buying behavior
  • Influences customers’ minds
  • Increases landing page conversion rates
  • Increases brand awareness

But today, I am not going to talk about the business benefits you get from the video.
What I am going to discuss is reinventing education with videos!

Let’s get started

If the video can deliver the brand message to consumer audiences effectively, why can’t it deliver educational concepts to students? Maybe, you’ve never thought about it. Even I did not think about it until I watched Salman Khan, the founder of The Khan Academy, talking about reinventing education with video.

I was really inspired after watching it and realized how much videos can be helpful to teachers and students across the globe.
Here’s what I learned after watching the video:

Reinventing Education with Videos

Educational videos can help students in many different ways, in class, and outside the classroom.

Different Levels of Understanding Among Students

There are students across the globe with different levels of understanding. Me? I am not good at Math!! But I am good at English. Similarly, you must excel in some areas while being weak in others too.

Obtaining Poor Grades

What happens when you struggle in different disciplines? You get lower marks. To get higher grades in at specific course, you have to put extra effort into that course. But, even after doing that you may not get the desired results.

Missing Basic Concepts

The reason you are probably falling behind is that you missed learning the basic concepts of a particular course. The confusion is then naturally compounded when you are introduced to more advanced concepts and it becomes a spiral of failure even though you try hard.

Hiring a Tutor Comes Has Limitations

To prevent this situation, you may hire a tutor that can explain all the concepts, from basic to advanced, but even here there are some limitations to achieving success. Sometimes you may feel tired or exhausted at not listen that closely and remain confused. Or the subject matter is boring and you can’t get interested. If this happens, your tutor may ask you to repeat a lesson or class and you might not be able to spend the extra time. How can you tackle difficult assignments and homework if you are unable to understand and take a serious interest in the course? Will you be able to overcome this situation? It would be difficult, for sure.

Solving the Issues Using Educational Videos

EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS can solve all of these problems and make things so much easier for students to excel.
Let’s see how…

The New Online Tutor– Videos

If you are weak in any course, you probably haven’t learned the basics and naturally get confused about understanding the advanced concepts. If you watch a video about a specific subject that covers the basics, you have the opportunity of replaying the video again and again until you are sure you understand what is happening.. The best part is that you won’t need to hire a tutor in this scenario. You can understand critical concepts by yourself watching videos. Videos are also convenient as you can watch them on your schedule, not the tutor’s when you may be tired or distracted. And you won’t have the fear of having to repeat the lecture, lesson or class numerous times.

Videos Save You From Embarrassment

Watching videos can save you from embarrassing class situations!!! A typical class contains students with different levels of knowledge. Some pick up concepts quickly, some pick them up a bit slowly, and some totally miss the idea. You may feel embarrassed if your mates understand all the course concepts so quickly and you’re slow in picking them up, and if you have no answer when the course instructor asks you a question.

Video can actually save you from experiencing this situation. You can watch all the videos relating to your course and understand the concepts in depth. By watching the videos, you can reach the level of understanding your mate’s share and join the class discussions.

Reviewing the Old Concepts

If you feel that you have left some of the early primary concepts unstudied or you have forgotten them, which hinders your understanding, watching videos about the subject will help you grasp more advanced concepts and lessons.
Can you visualize how the way we educate can be improved using videos? How can videos revolutionize the education system? Believe me, if you are going to use videos for solving your educational issues, then there will be better outcomes for everyone!!

Increasing the Motivation Level

Also, realize that when students face difficulty understanding course concepts, and despite all their efforts, their morale sinks and they may do worse in other subjects too! This lowers student motivation level and self-image.
Imagine how the whole education system can be reinvented using video! You can watch the videos again and again when convenient. You can review the old basic concepts. Not only you can get the basic idea, but you can also understand advanced concepts and increase confidence and morale.

Believe me, you will love to put extra effort into your study courses, and you will celebrate the positive results.
Before wrapping up, I will share with you some of the educational videos by Salman Khan, the founder of the Khan Academy. Watch them and see how they can make things easier for you!

Nineteenth-century art: A video from the Utah System of Higher Education (with special thanks to Dr. Nancy Ross)

Introduction to Twentieth-Century Art: A video from the Utah System of Higher Education (with special thanks to Dr. Nancy Ross)

Introduction to Contemporary Art: A video from the Utah System of Higher Education (with special thanks to Dr. Nancy Ross)


Using video has numerous business benefits that you can easily measure. I speak about them all the time in my blogs. But today I came up with a different perspective — reinventing education by using video. Video can drastically revolutionize the education system. It can help people to understand basic concepts, get them interested in mastering even more educational concepts, while motivating them and increasing their self worth.

Let me know what you think of this blog in the comments section and if you really find it helpful, feel free to share it with your friends and acquaintances on social media.


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