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How Explainer Videos Can Help Educational Institutes


Tired of giving the same lectures on loudspeakers and blackboards and still none of your students seem to be interested in what you are teaching. Working your nights out for the assignments and still, the teachers say that you need to work harder to get good grades? Do your orientations, convocations, and other educational seminars get dull and lack the power of goodness?  So, now it’s high time that you come out of the old age and bring some creativity in your educational curriculum. You must be aware of the new trend around the globe that is “Explainer Videos”

Lately, the boom of Explainer Videos has surprisingly shown some amazing positive results which made everyone take a moment and think about investing in them. If you are not aware of what Explainer Videos actually are and why are they becoming so popular then this blog can serve the purpose of being a perfect guide.

Let’s take a quick little overview of what Explainer Videos Are? And how can they be helpful in the learning process?

All about Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos are short videos usually animated, which quickly explains the complex concepts and ideas in a fun and engaging way as these videos are not more than 90 seconds long they are able to grab the attention span of its audience Explainer videos are great for building a strong bond with the viewers.

Explainer videos consist of many different styles, in which the most commonly used styles are Whiteboard, 2D cartoon, Motion Graphics, Infographics, Typography, and Cutout. Each style is unique in its own way and each can be used in different ways to educate and deliver the teachings.

Watch these videos to learn about the difference of each style.

How to Utilize Explainer Videos in the Learning Process?

Due to the flexibility of Explainer Videos they can be integrated into the education industry to help students learn the difficult concepts of different courses through the use of powerful graphics and techniques of animation. Apart from this Explainer videos can be helpful for every person related to the education field.

Further, in this blog, I’ll explain the multiple uses and benefits of Explainer Videos in different tips for institutes, teachers, students, and stakeholders.

Explainer Video: An All-Rounder

If you run an institute or you’re a part of it. You must be knowing that every year/semester new students get enrolled and old students pass out, for that purpose orientations, accommodations and farewells get held.

Explainer Videos can be great in building up these sessions in an interesting way. Educate about the rules and regulations to the new students give them a warm welcome by introducing them about your institute with these animated videos, give your old students some sweet memories to cherish forever in their goodbye farewell, an animated video in which you can explain their whole educational journey.

Delivery Of Complex Concepts

As studies show that on average humans have attention spans less than 8 seconds, same happens with the students they intend to get annoyed and start taking studies as a burden when there is nothing which can hold their attention for long, at this stage Explainer Videos can be very helpful as through powerful animation complicated and complex concepts can be delivered in a simplified way. Through Explainer Videos, it gets easy for the students to adopt what is being taught than the regular text. So if you teach little learners or grownups explainer videos can be your ultimate guide.

Explainer videos are not limited to any specific area, due to their flexibility and ability to explain anything these videos can be crafted in all the ways you want, especially explainer videos can be very beneficial for the little ones as it’s a known fact that toddlers love to watch cartoons and videos which include music and vibrant colors attract kids. So, why not make their early learning process fun and memorable. With Explainer Videos, you can teach them rhymes and other basic courses. Watch this cute video and see how the whole ABC is explained in such an engaging way.

E-learning process can be helpful for parents while building the career of their children as Explainer Videos are easily shareable and are available on every social media forum, parents can use these videos either to teach or to learn how to teach.

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Make Your Presentations Creative

Have you got a presentation around the corner? Let Explainer Video help you. As these videos are expert at delivering new ideas and complicated information in a simplified and easy way, you can surely save yourself some good marks by getting creative with these videos. Apart from this Explainer Videos can be very good while giving references or showcasing any project, there are always some courses which give you real hard time and you put your endless efforts to make them look interesting but yet again there is no way out, Worry No More! Explainer videos are here to the rescue, you can always make use of infographics and motion graphics to make you dull courses shine. Have a look at these cool videos and save some ideas for your next presentation.

Online Classes

Everything is shifting online no matter if it’s shopping, business or online classes. To make your online classes unique and different from others rather than giving lectures and online text-based notes, be innovative and grab the students by making Explainer Videos, these videos will not only save your time but also let your students understand your teachings more properly than a simple text can do.

Explainer Videos Your Brand Ambassador

Are you opening up a new learning center or changing the name of an old one? But how will your audience know about it? Yes, Explainer Video is the right answer.  By making this short animated video you can hold on your audience and tell them why they should choose you, explain your features and facilities that you’ll be providing to your students. As explainer videos are one of a kind these videos will definitely leave a long-lasting impact on the mind of your viewers.


Learning and education are the most important part of growing, through Explainer Videos give your students and teachers an experience that they never forget. These videos are a treat for all and can be used anywhere no matter if it’s an exam, a training session, a regular class, a seminar or a webinar, make the most of it and make your journey of education adventurous. I hope this blog has helped you in understanding the different and unique side of  Explainer Videos.

Let me know what you think of this blog in the comments section and if you really find it helpful,  feel free to share it with your friends and acquaintances on social media.


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