RecruitFi- crowdsourced recruiting application

RecruitFi- crowdsourced recruiting application Video Script Meet John, he manages recruiting for a global company.  In recent years, John’s team has struggled to find a better way to fill their open jobs. They tried job boards, but were flooded with lots of unqualified candidates. Headhunters often took too long and, except for senior positions, headhunters […]

Comodo Antivirus – Best Virus Protection Software

Comodo Antivirus is creating the trust online 500 dollars—because ‘Stranger Things Have Happened Picture this—it’s a perfect 85 degree day out without a cloud in the sky when you decide to go for a drive in your brand new convertible, let’s make it red. You feel good driving this car because not only is it a […]

Visual Visitor Tracking

Visual visitors is a phenomenal concept to track email, contact number and company name in no time. For explaining this concept, our creative artists created a situation in which a sales guy meet a guy and ask for leads, then that guy came to know about visual visitors which generate tracking results in no time.

Spectrum Flat Rate

[Beginning Splash Page] Flat rate system, next level real estate. Want to sell your home or investment property? Do you think that selling requires paying the full 6% agents fees thats 3% to the buyers agent and 3% to the sellers agent? Are you afraid that paying these hefty fees will leave you with no […]

DentalSpots – Dental Jobs Portal

Welcome to, where dental professionals connect. Do you know the secret to taking charge of your career, and finding the best jobs? The highest paying jobs go to people who do the best job of networking. They use their contacts to find out about open jobs first, get referrals and make connections. If you […]

LCFT Non-Profit Teachers Organization

“The Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust (LCFT) Innovation Incubator”[Greenhouse] What is an Innovation Incubator? Innovation is about taking a new approach to your work which will result in an improvement in quality, a reduction in cost and/or a time saving. It can be a new way of doing a process, a new product or even […]

Communication Technology

Communication technology has come a long way in how we transmit ideas to a large number of people. Stone tablets are not practical. In the early 1900’s, some people had a bright idea and radio was born. This led to the interview style we know today where a journalist asks the questions, the guest answers […]