[Beginning Splash Page] Flat rate system, next level real estate. Want to sell your home or investment property?

Do you think that selling requires paying the full 6% agents fees thats 3% to the buyers agent and 3% to the sellers agent?

Are you afraid that paying these hefty fees will leave you with no profit? Maybe you need to find an affordable way to get new tenants into your rental property?

Did you know that you could use a Flat Rate System to get that sale or tenant?Its true you can create your own personalized plan to fit your budget using the Spectrum Real Estate Flat Rate System.

We can help you: – Sell or rent your property, easier, faster and more affordably. – Get the right kind of exposure to increase your profit. – Determine what you really need, so you can leave the rest.

There are no hidden charges, and no surprises. We have a unique solution for everyone and you can use our comprehensive list of add-ons to build your own system. Its amazing how much money you could save by using only the services that matter to you and leaving the rest.

The cornerstone of your selling plan should be the Spectrum Flat Rate System! Were walking into the future of real estate go together! [End Splash Page] Spectrum Enterprises Flat Rate System.The Future of Real Estate.

FlatRate Moving revolutionized the moving industry from day one by introducing something no one else could offer a guaranteed, all-inclusive, one-price move Beyond a mere convenience, this new pricing model changed the relationship between the mover and the client. It instituted an honor system; a partnership.

That first innovation set the tone for a company that continues to grow based on customer satisfaction and good ideas, well-executed.

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