Communication technology has come a long way in how we transmit ideas to a large number of people. Stone tablets are not practical. In the early 1900’s, some people had a bright idea and radio was born. This led to the interview style we know today where a journalist asks the questions, the guest answers and the audience just listens. Later, television came along, but the format stayed the same. The audience has to sit there like a good couch potato. Two way communication is not accomplished by throwing something at the TV.

Today, we have the technology to take control away from the elite in the broadcast industry and give it to the audience. Instead of the journalist creating the questions, the creativity of an entire audience can be tapped to come up with better questions. And the audience votes on which questions will be asked next, rather than leaving the choice of which question to select in the hands of the elite.

And, it’s not just the guest who gets to answer the questions. Audience members can type in their answers or comments too. So while they are listening to the guest speak, they can be writing new questions, voting on questions, making comments or reading the comments from other members of the audience. You now have the choice to be involved or remain a passive couch potato. Control is where it belongs…with the people.

Crowd ask it comes with the idea that it is more effective and interactive if people also participate in the interviews by asking online questions and commenting on the questions and answers.

It gives the concept that journalists interviewing reputable people on t.v and audience watching it at home is not a two way communication.

It attempts to convey the audience that with crowd ask it communication technology they can actually participate in interviews and make it more interactive!

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