Ramadan Action Plan

In the name of Allah, the most Merciful, the most Kind. Who gave Ramadan as a gift to mankind. A purification of our souls, our hearts, and our minds. Even though we are blessed. We often still stay blind. To the fact that Allah unites our souls and HE sets the world apart. There will […]

Finizi Financial Services

Finizi Financial Services maximize Your return on GIC’s, Finizi will get best rates for you Try it.Created by Videoexplainers.com

The Help Card-Revolving Credit Card

You want to grow your business and be able to reach and sell to more customers. We understand that financing can sometimes be a barrier to that. The HELPcard is a nationwide revolving credit card that has been helping our merchants grow their business since 1983. The HELPcard can tailor programs to fit you and […]

Microsoft National Sales Meeting Presentation-ad ops

At the heart of all business is Audience-First Consumer Engagement. And how good that experience is, means all the difference in the world. Most successful companies are aware of this and they firmly believe that brand loyalty begins with the customer’s very first interaction with their product or service. And today, that consumer engagement can’t […]


There is a New Media Revolution. The Marketing Eco System is shifting. It no longer makes business sense to craft messaging to the many with hopes of persuading the few. At Chiori360 we stand at the frontier of new media solution-fusion, Inter-Web Marketing. We develop deliberate long-tail Brand messaging effective across multiple channels. We are […]

Shopfant – Web Shop

Shopfant is an easy and fun way to shop online – while discovering great online shops all across Europe – shipping to your home. Discover shops you never knew existed and save money in the process. Whatever you’re shopping for, you can find great new places to do so. Using Shopfant is easy. Choose a […]

Receipt Bank- Organizer app

What is RB? The world of business is constantly evolving… But at Receipt Bank we know that you, like so many businesses before you, went into business to follow your passion. That’s why our passion is to remove the burden that receipts and invoices put on you, and your business. We know that dealing receipts and invoices is stressful […]

Postactic Content Library

Social Media marketing is essential for every business, but finding interesting and engaging content to post can be a time-consuming challenge. Postastic is your single online source for top quality content that is specially designed for social media marketing. Each day, Postastic seeks out and suggests engaging and trending content tailored specifically for you and […]

FRED Free Edutainment-Learning and sharing community

Fred free Edutainment is a learning and sharing community center. It gives the message that there is around 42% Italian youth unemployed. But the youth consists of youngsters that are proactive, resourceful, dynamic, inspired and curious. The youth talent should be used in a productive way. For this,  Fred free edutainment center has been developed […]