Fred free Edutainment is a learning and sharing community center. It gives the message that there is around 42% Italian youth unemployed. But the youth consists of youngsters that are proactive, resourceful, dynamic, inspired and curious.

The youth talent should be used in a productive way. For this,  Fred free edutainment center has been developed where the youth can do activities in order to increase learnings. By going to the center, the youth can update themselves, learn new things from the teachers, attend meetings and update themselves with the latest developments.

The purpose is to make the learning center so useful and appealing for them that they not only learn things offline but also learn them online and continue the learning process.

FRED Free Edutainment-Learning and sharing community

Italian unemployment rate 14%

Italian youth unemployment rate 42%

(curious), (proactive), (dynamic), (interested), (resourceful)

the name of the theatre is FRED

“updates”, experts”, “researches”, “international cases”, “teachers”, “self-learning”

on the sides:

“corporations” “ “institutions” “job market” “encounters”

Fred free edutainment

the experience starts offline

“interesting”, “useful” “I want to know more about it”

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