What is RB?

The world of business is constantly evolving…

But at Receipt Bank we know that you, like so many businesses before you, went into business to follow your passion. That’s why our passion is to remove the burden that receipts and invoices put on you, and your business.

We know that dealing receipts and invoices is stressful and distracting – taking you away from what you do best.

Businesses around the world lose thousands of pounds per year in lost and unclaimed expenses.

With Receipt Bank’s smartphone apps, you can record these on the go, at the click of a button.

What’s more, our software is based in the cloud, meaning that both you and your accountant can view the same data, in real time. No more waiting until the end of the year to analyse your cash flow.

Receipt Bank – eliminate stress, automate your bookkeeping… Magic!

Receipt Bank- Organizer app helps you to keep to track your income and manage your receipt accordingly. Receipt Bank- Organizer app is easy to use with simple interface and connected to cloud so that you and your manager can view all the details at real time. With this app, you can easily keep an access to your cash flow.

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