Heylo Mobile App

The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye. A lot has happened in the short time that human beings have been on this planet. Cavemen and kings, stone tools and fire, wars and revolutions, electricity and television, great works of art, poetry, dance, music and much more. We’ve gone from Mozart […]

Community Sprint App

Around our world, too many of are too big Around our waist, we all say will get around to doing something about getting in better shape But we just seem to get well round rounder and rounder. Who has time to go to a gym  or money to spend on the list to get his DVDs time really […]

The Management Trust-Real Estate

All companies know what they do Some can even tell you how they do it But have you ever wondered why they do it? Of course they do it to make a profit But why does the company exist beyond just making money? The Management Trust asked itself the same question We believe that nobody […]

Instasite Business Commercial

You work hard for your business. You wake up at the crack of dawn, just to drag – drop – rearrange and make things seem perfect on your website. Imagine if you could make the switch to a website that’s created by an expert, specifically for your business – with all of the powerful features and apps […]

Convirza-Call Analytics

Convirza is basically a call analytics. It is the first and the only call marketing optimization platform. Advanced call tracking, Deep conversation analysis and workflow based marketing automation is among its primary functions. The video gives the message that calls are the most valuable leads and you should work on optimizing them. It is important […]