The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye. A lot has happened in the short time that human beings have been on this planet.

Cavemen and kings, stone tools and fire, wars and revolutions, electricity and television, great works of art, poetry, dance, music and much more. We’ve gone from Mozart to the Rolling Stones and from rock carvings to oil paintings to touch screens we have even made it to the moon and back!

From the beginning of history, mankind has always been curious about the world and eager to explore. But these days, it sometimes feels like we have gotten so caught up in our technology we forget to interact with each other.

We walk around in our little bubbles, soaking up entertainment from our mobile devices and isolating ourselves from everyone else. No matter what technology we invent, nothing will ever replace real human contact.

There is nothing like a smile, a funny conversation, a pat on the back, a loving hug or a meaningful gesture. This is why its time to reconnect with whats really important to each other. Hey and hello all in one! Its time to say Hi in real life.

Its time to say, Heylo Heylo Mobile App is an app created by Tout le Monde Studios that connects you with the people around you in real life“ whether you are in a cafe, on a bus, in traffic, in a shopping mall, in a library, in a bar or in a disco.

Heylo Mobile App works with a small key chain that you carry with you and if you make a connection, you will be able to automatically exchange Facebook contact information, share photos, or use many other features.

Heylo Mobile App only allows a connection when both parties agree and you can choose the settings that are right for you. This is the first thing designed to connect you in real time to the people around you, so that you can use technology to start a conversation and make a new friend.

While technology continues to race forward at a dizzying speed, connecting with others is the one thing that will keep our feet on the ground and remind us what being human is really all about. Heylo Hows it going?


Heylo is an implementation of todays most advanced technologies together, with an app created for mobile devices that connects you with the people around you in real life.

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