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Make Inspirational Videos for Your Viewers-Inspire Them!!!

If you want to make an explainer video just for the sake of having a product video then you may be approaching it all wrong!

A lot more has been written about the numerous additional advantages of explainer videos. Information is everywhere. By this time, you must be aware that videos increase conversion rates and boost sales. These are reasons that many of you have chosen to produce a  product video  to achieve business goals and there is nothing wrong with that.

But, what made me write this blog post was the reason that I observed that many of the startups and entrepreneurs are making videos for strictly those reasons. But to achieve those ends you have to create a video that contains a persuasive script, engaging story line,  quality animation, believable characters, professional voice-over, and more.
But there is one other element that is required, which also becomes another benefit beyond improving your bottom line.

It’s an abstract concept, one that involves connecting to the customer on a psychological level.

What I have discovered is that you can actually impact a customer’s psyche with an effective video. By impacting a customer’s subconscious, I mean that you can inspire people, educate them, and have them connect with your brand on a higher level than just a sales pitch, which creates a stronger bond between you and your prospect & customer.
If you are creating a product demo video to simply increase conversion rates, you may not be as successful as you could be. To really reach your goals, and even step beyond, you have to take that extra effort in making sure your video has all the elements that connect with the audience on all levels possible.

How can you get connected with viewers on all levels? How can you take a special place in their minds and hearts? How can you influence them? The best answer to these questions is: “Make inspirational or humorous videos for your customers”.

The Inspirational Approach

Don’t worry! I will explain how inspirational and humorous videos work  to enable you to impact your customers’ subconscious.

I have the best examples for you that will help you to agree with my assessment!

This is the Thai Life Insurance video. Thai Life Insurance believes in getting people emotionally connected with the brand. That is why they come up with different inspirational video ads for the brand and this is one is one of their best.

When you hit the play button, you hear light music touching your ears. You sense that something really amazing is coming your way. Soon after you start watching it, you will realize it is not in English. But believe me, you will not switch the video off.  It simply won’t let you do that. The music and the video scenes will give you a complete understanding of what is going on in the video and you would be happy to  watch it to the end, even without subtitles.

The slogan of Thai insurance is ‘Believe in Good’ and that’s what they have revealed perfectly in the video. The video shows a boy who is a student. He is very kind hearted and he loves to help people. We follow him as he helps people in different situations.

The main message highlighted in the video is you should believe in good. You should believe in doing good to others even when you have not much to offer.  It explains to us that real happiness is not always in the form of money. What you achieve by helping others is much superior to money. It is a reward of love and peace.

Now that is a truly inspiring video. With this message Thai Life Insurance attempts to get emotionally connected with people… their prospects and customers. The video shows the essence of its slogan that is believe in good. It depicts the real meaning of the tagline.

If you look close look under the surface, you will realize that Thai life Insurance is making people believe in their brand and tagline. It shows you what it means to do good for people and what you get in return. It tries to show you that how one feels after doing good things and helping others. It inspires people like you and me to do well with others in order to feel love and kindness.

The video makes us think about our daily lives and is meant to inspire us to do more, to change our behavior and attitude towards people and the environment. Wow,  how impactful that is! Can you imagine how powerful a brand can become if it inspires people to change their attitude and behavior toward human beings!

Here’s  what the CEO of Thai Insurance has to say about it:

Q “Can you explain the thinking behind Thai Life Insurance’s decision to put so much emotion into its commercials?”Frankly, people don’t usually have much of an emotional connection with an insurance company.

Emotion is one of the signature characteristics of Thai Life Insurance. Thais are an extreme bunch, so if you want to connect with them, you need to go all the way, whether it is comedy or drama. As for Thai Life Insurance, we’ve been building the brand through emotional engagement for three decades; it’s not something we’ve just decided to do.

This emotional branding has its advantages. When other businesses decide to create emotional content, it tends to come back and help us as consumers are misled by the branding and assume it’s a Thai Life Insurance ad.

When I advise you to make videos that get people connected to you, it’s so you take a special place in their mind. Make an INSPIRATIONAL VIDEO because it is by far the best way to hit customers’ psyches and to influence their thinking.

Inspirational videos have the emotional factor that enables the people viewing to make a strong connection with the brand depicted. The key to making an inspiring video is that you present the essence of your brand with the right emotions.

Make a video in which you can tell an inspirational story linking with the ideology of your brand. Believe me,  this will help your customers to keep brand associations in their minds. Not only this, but a great inspiring story will convince them to engage with your brand. Can you imagine how wonderful that could be? People understanding and using your product by getting inspired by a video that’s not hard sell! An inspirational video gives you a great opportunity to enter a special place in your customer’s heart.

Here are some facts:

If you want to influence how a customer feels about your product, provide an experience that creates the desired emotion. One of the best ways for a customer to experience your complex product is by sharing a vivid customer story. Research has shown that stories can activate the region of the brain that processes sights, sounds, tastes, and movement. Contrast this approach to a sales person delivering a data dump in the form of an 85-slide PowerPoint presentation.

Rather than thinking of the emotional mind as irrational, think of it this way: an emotion is simply the way the unconscious communicates its decision to the conscious mind.

The Humorous Approach

The other approach that can be used to influence people is the humorous approach. While using this approach, you can convey very important messages to the audience in fun and engaging ways.  The idea is to educate people in an entertaining and light-hearted  manner.

The example that I am going to discuss in this regard is called Dumb Ways to Die.

Now this video was a huge hit! Dumb Ways to Die went crazy viral over the internet. It can be verified by this figure: 112,745,007. It is the number of views it got on YouTube!

Read more: How and why dumb ways to die go viral
There must be something so impressive about it that it got so many hits.

The  best part in this video was that it has the humorous approach. Although the video intends to deliver a very serious message to the audience, it uses humor to deliver the message. As the video starts, you get to listen to an amazing music track that makes you fall in love with the video. You can’t really move the cursor to click off. The Dumb Ways to Die music track continues to entertain you. You get to watch the characters experiencing unfortunate deaths while also dancing over the title line Dumb Ways to Die.

The idea of the video is to show people that if they don’t think about what they are doing, they can end their lives in dumb ways. This is actually the gist of the video explaining to people that you can kill yourself by taking expired medicines, getting electric shocks, catching fire, eating old food, and many more ways. This was a very smart way of impacting people and making them think because some of us may have tried these things ourselves and lived through it, but now realize that everyone thinks it was a dumb act. So, we naturally want to change our behavior and become smart.

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The Public transport authority in Melbourne wanted to promote public safety while using metro trains. At the 2:24 time frame, you see a character that falls from a train station platform indicating that this also is a  dumb way to die, which is the main goal of their video, but it’s so subtle.

So, you just don’t need to take the hard sell approach, although it works in certain situations. But you can reach out to your audience and connect at a much higher level when creating and displaying your video buy allowing people to build a bond with your brand. You do this by inspiring them to change their attitudes, behaviors, and ways of living life through inspirational or humerous approachs in messaging.

One Thing to Remember: Your customers’ preferences are different; some like humorous videos while some like inspirational videos. You have to see which approach matches best with your brand ideology. The key is to connect with your audience on an emotional level either by creating a humorous or inspirational video.

That’s what I want you to do. Once you inspire people to change their minds and ways of doing things, you will ultimately get increased conversions, sales and customer loyalty!


So, don’t just concentrate your video messaging on getting increased conversions and sales because you may not achieve the success you are looking for.  But it can happen  if you meet the full potential of an excellently produced video….  a powerful script, engaging story, quality animation, professional voice-over, music, vibrant colors, and lively characters are the basic components. But in addition, if you an add an inspirational or a humorous element to influence people to change their attitudes and behavior, you can achieve even greater success in building your brand, more than you thought was possible.

Let me know what you think of this blog in the comments section and if you really find it helpful,  feel free to share it with your friends and acquaintances on social media.

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