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4 Ways to Make Your Brand Shine with Product Explainer Video

Animated product explainer video has taken over the world of online business.
In this new era of online marketing, it is essential to have this product video to create that buzz which you need for your business to flourish.
Product explainer video is one of the most cost-effective tools which you can have for your business, at the same time these videos also save the endless man efforts.
This powerful quality of explainer video has convinced many business leaders to think about investing in them.
But the question that haunts many business minds is that what this product video can specifically do for the brand itself?
This one video can do a lot more for your business than just being budget friendly and time saving.
Product explainer video is an amazing marketing tool that can benefit your business in endless ways, let’s look at a few of them.

1. Makes Your Brand Shine Among Others

In this day and age, nothing is secured whatever you are selling in the market is also being sold by many other businesses, there are probably a few hundred competing companies, at least, who are selling the same thing to the same possible consumers.
This is where your product explainer video can help set you apart from those other companies by highlighting your unique angle on the product. The catchier and more innovative the video, the more customers will remember your company rather than your competitors.
Product explainer video is a combination of audio and visual, with powerful content and compelling animation you can give your viewers a unique experience that they’ll remember for a long time.



2.Explains Your Business in Few Seconds

An animated product explainer video is the best tactic you can use to explain who you are, what you do and why you´re better than your competition, in just a matter of seconds. It´s the perfect pitch! It not only can help you attract new prospects to your site, but also make them stay on your site for a longer period of time: if you embed an animated marketing video above the fold in your home page, you can increase the average visit time by 2 minutes. If we consider that visitors usually don´t spend more than 8 seconds on a site…, this means that there could be an amazing 1500% in viewership increase!
Let’s take an example of Oasis HR video in which they have amazingly explained the services they are providing, animated character which is exactly according to their target market added up more spice to the video.


3.Quickly Engages the Audience

The most proficient quality of a product explainer video is that it has the ability to explain the complex ideas in the most simplified and engaging way, it quickly delivers your message which is easy for the audience to understand (plain text could never have such a power). Explainer videos have a great power of synthesis: when different graphic elements come alive, transform and move, you can generate high levels of engagement and attention in just a matter of seconds.
People are usually keener when it comes to video. The Wharton Research Center did a study that determined that people retain 10% of the information they hear compared to 50% of the information they see.
So rather than just use advertising through audio, the visuals of an explainer video help make the message and the product stick in a person’s mind, making them more eager to share and reiterate the information an explainer video presents.

4-Ways-to-make-your-brand-shine-with-product-explainer-video-blog image


4.Builds Brand Visibility

By creating a product explainer video, you also build a strong bond and emotional connection from your audience towards your brand/product. You must be wondering how a video can do that. Well, the answer is very simple, by customizing your animated characters according to your target audience this the way of showing that your video is specifically for them and how much you care about their problems. Use your brand colors as much as possible. The whole idea of building brand visibility is to make people recognize and relate to your brand when it’s mentioned or when the brand logo appears anywhere on the web.
The most obvious example of building association through brand colors and strong slogans can be seen in the campaign of McDonalds, they have been using yellow and red since decades and now even a 5-year-old can recognize the brand.
Same is with Microsoft, there logo and colors are enough to trigger the mind of their audience. Here is a screen capture of their app video taken from their product explainer video.

4-Ways-to-make-your-brand-shine-with-product-explainer-video-blog image



Aside from high levels of engagement, brand awareness, visibility and identification are what you can get by leveraging the amazing power of animated videos. But there are many other benefits that this great tool can bring to your business from boosting your sales to increasing the number of conversions, the trick is to use them right and get the most of it.
I hope this little information will turn out to be useful for you. To learn more about this wonderful tool stay tuned for our next blog post.
Let me know what you think of this blog in the comments section and if you really find it helpful, feel free to share it with your friends and acquaintances on social media.

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