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How to Know which Explainer Video Best Suits your Business?

Now that you are looking for the type of explainer video that suits your business, let us assume that you already know the perks. We totally agree that these 60 to 90 seconds is worth all the research and investment. But before you move on to hiring an explainer video production company, you should have ground-level knowledge so you can work better with the experts.

It all depends on your business type and requirements. We are right here to assist you with this blog. Keep reading!

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Types of Explainer Videos

Explainer videos speak for what you sell and have to match your brand’s ideology. The explainer video production company you choose significantly impacts the end-product as every designer has the unique illustration expertise. If we classify these videos generally, you’ll find:

  1. 2D Cartoon animation
  2. Whiteboard animation
  3. Motion graphics
  4. Infographics
  5. 3D animations
  6. Kinetic typography

Let’s dig deeper into how each video type works best with which business type.

1. 2D Cartoon Animation Videos

2D cartoon animation videos are cost-effective and quite popular among brands. These are classic and straightforward content types that conversationally explain complex ideas. 2D cartoons work at different stages. These videos are the best if you are at the awareness stage, struggling for conversions, or seeking leads through Call-to-Actions (CTAs). These are quick and memorable, best suited for storytelling. So if you have a brand that directly serves the customers, and wants to show interactions, choose 2D cartoon animations. 

Here’s an example of this video type.

2. Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animations are fast-processed videos where a hand draws the concepts on a whiteboard. It is low-cost and works with a combination of a must voiceover, explaining all the graphics. 

These videos don’t have enough details and are more popular among educational businesses. It is because drawing hand explains knowledge, processes, and related information in a better way. Many explainer video production companies also transform this style for storytelling. And undoubtedly, if the firm has expert animators, they ace it. Here’s an example of a perfect whiteboard animation with a storytelling theme. 

3. Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are attractive with sound effects, stats, facts, information, creative elements, and an overall brand image-building impression. Such videos have design too, but that’s not the main point to ponder with the other factors mentioned. It combines modern-influenced animation and breaks complex ideas into easy-to-understand forms. 

The content types work best with demo videos when introducing technology or explaining processes. Take a look at this example of a Motion Graphics video

4. Infographics

As the name tells, infographics are about displaying information with attractive visual designs. Such content is inviting and takes no time to grasp the details. With colors and elements, you can make even numbers look interesting. Infographics help you get the edge over your competitors. Businesses with more statistical data can ace such explainer video types and show off their achievements. 

If you want to highlight your discounted offers, your USP (Unique Selling Point), features, timelines, successful products, or testimonials, go for infographic videos. Here’s an example of an Infographics video by an explainer video production company

5. 3D Animations

3D animation is an advanced and in-depth option to showcase your business. It’s more realistic, precise, and depicts complex ideas virtually adaptable. Such videos are expensive and take time but are worth all the effort. For product-based businesses, 3D animation works well with engineering or machinery products. You can show the entire production process or assemble machines. For services, such videos are the best to make the viewers feel the thrill or benefit of your business. Here’s an example of 3D animation, video made for a product. 

6. Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography makes information attractive by playing around with pure words and voiceovers. Such style is similar to infographics, but has more movements, shapes, and elements that companies promoting new products or facts use the type. Here’s an example of modern days Kinetic typography video, crafting a message with a fusion of words and display efficiently. 

Explainer Video Production Company can Guide you to the Best!

Explainer videos are all you need in 2022. Undoubtedly, the content form marks a massive difference for any brand. But what matters the most is choosing the right video type, and your messages need special attention when conveyed to the target audience. To help you through, we recommend reaching out to the explainer video production company, such as Video Explainers, and seeking guidance. The experts here have worked with many firms and know which explainer video type works best with specific businesses. Reach out and explore the perks of living in 2022. 

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