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How Explainer Videos Educate The Audience About A Brand?

The benefit of having explainer videos is the outreach. In fact, a video on a website’s homepage can boost the conversion rate by 20 percent. Explainer videos are often educational and informative and tend to capture the audience’s attention. They are a good sound investment and help increase web traffic to your page. It clearly indicates the rapid growth of the video animation companies in all these years. Animated videos have the advantage to increase user-friendly stimuli and making an engaging experience.

Well, to save your time and effort, in this blog, we have discussed some key points of the explainer videos and the way they educate consumers about a brand. So, what are you waiting for? Give a thorough read!

1. Offers Valuable Information About Products

Providing valuable company information and insight and offering more relevant details of how a product can help with a consumer lifestyle can increase sales. Explainer videos also save time, thereby avoiding the over-sell feature and its importance in today’s world to respect a customer’s time as well. The ideal time for explainer videos should be under 3 minutes. This type of video can be included in emails and on social media and contacting a client beforehand can free up time during a sales meeting or pitch.

2. Helps to Know the Brand

Google is known to prioritize search results for the information contained in videos over those that do not; it allows a company’s well-made video to gain consumer approval. Additionally, you can customize the videos to include text as well to escape those who mute advertisements. Videos do not necessarily have to contain advertisements they can simply include a company’s message, highlight awards, and achievements, or even a Public Service Announcement (PSA).

3. Provide Solutions to the Target Audience

Animated videos can create entertainment in a matter of a few seconds to help the customer relationships, and focus on the solutions the company has to offer. 87 percent of marketers learned that videos boost website traffic. And 80 percent found a direct increase in sales.

Types of Explainer Videos

There are four types of videos that a company can invest in:

  • Live-Action:

Explainer videos featuring people or real-life demonstrations that can increase relatability. They also give them a sense of familiarity or communicate a lifestyle improvement.

  • Animated:

A more controlled production without the hassle of location, actors, or a crew an animated video also gives more leeway to be creative.

  • Mixed: 

This can be a mixture of live-action and animation. For instance, an animated cat complaining about its owner. Or other forms such as Papercraft or stop motion.

  • Screen Capture: 

It uses the features of screen recording to capture each action’s potential in detail. 

Some More Useful Insights 

Millennials are 150% more likely to pick a product via a video comparison than read about the same brand. With a whopping 61% saying they like to watch an instructional video and 42% preferring a spoof or animated video. One of the most important things to consider is whether you will need an explainer video or is it better to follow another style.

Several factors affect this:

  1. Are you looking to impress or educate – your target audience will influence everything about your video, its style, and tone. It is important to consider the impact you want to create before deciding on the structure and format of the video
  2. What is the type of story you want to consider imparting – if it’s too broad a story or too simple, perhaps an explainer video is not the best way to go about it.
  3. Explainer videos should define the problem and effectively show the solution, simply listing the features of a product is not going to help.

Hire Video Animation Company to Make Compelling Videos for your Brand and Flourish Among the Competitors! 

Explainer videos should have a message that leaves a lasting impression on the audience, but if you don’t want a particular result-oriented impact then it’s best to not invest in explainer videos. However, if you do want to nudge someone in the right direction explainer videos are a great way to get things done. So, we suggest you reach out to the ideal video animation companyVideoexplainers today. They have a team of professionals who can easily craft all sorts of explainers videos for your business. Give them a call today at +1 929 552 3638 and discuss with them everything about the explainer videos. 

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