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How AI Can Help in Creating Video Scripts in 2024 For Business Success

AI is turning the tables for businesses in 2024. Be it a regular product or video marketing service, this revolutionary assistant is setting the bar higher each day! Content creators now know the solution to mundane tasks, and AI tools are becoming the best friend they always wanted to have. 

Not to forget the power of video marketing in today’s era, where the attention span has shrunk to a few seconds. 

Imagine your audience NOT reading the article you wrote explaining the complete process of how your app works. All those efforts lead to nothing. In contrast, getting a 31-second explainer video that hooks your viewers, answers their queries, increases your downloads, and gets more shares. 

Which one would you choose for your financial management app? 

That’s just one example. There are many other messages that people today want to see in motion and not in words. And to cope with that, you need constant video scripts. 

AI Tools and Video Marketing

Video marketing with AI tools keeps you holistically active. From topic selection and optimization to making videos, editing, and even posting on the right platforms, AI can be your go-to assistant. 

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We understand not every video is about avatars only. You might have an entire team to work on the video-making process or an explainer video company to customize the videos. That’s even greater!

But do realize that video marketing involves many steps, from concept and script writing, storyboarding, illustration, and voice-over to animations and publishing. And each step involves professional resources that might not be the best option, especially if you’re a startup.

The Role of AI in Creating Video Scripts

The fast-paced scripts have to match your viewers’ preferences. You may have many clients with different needs if you are an agency. Do you know how AI tools can cater to all of them perfectly? Here’s how:

1.With Local Language Preferences

Locals prefer using products or services that talk to them in their native languages, tone, accent, and jargon. It makes brands more authentic. AI understands what people want, and the prompts can escalate the success of your videos. 

2.With Efficient Writing

Being a brand, you have many hats to wear at the same time, and AI tools for creating scripts can help you focus on other tasks better. It improves efficiency and distributes the workload on a resource you can always trust. 

3.With Data-Driven Insights

Tools are ahead of all the insights you need to optimize your targeting. You can provide data to an AI tool and get a list of trends according to which your script can perform better. It helps in strategic decision-making and personalized marketing. Such videos have the power to boost engagement and conversions all at once!

4.With Cost-Effectiveness

If you are using ChatGPT to generate scripts, you are saving yourself a lot of money. Hiring professional scriptwriters is expensive, but using AI tools for video marketing scriptwriting is a lot cheaper. Apart from that, tools like EdrawMax, Squibler, Jasper, Copy AI, and AI Writer can help you with more options. 

5.With Scalability

Since video marketing is leaping in 2024 and the coming years, you need many scripts for your business’ success. An AI tool can be the guardian angel to take care of the large-scale writing for you. You can work on many campaigns customized for each platform and target audience.

How to Leverage AI-Created Scripts for Videos?

It is crucial to understand your demographics before giving all the load to ChatGPT or any other AI tool. Know what your brand offers and then conceptualize and give prompts for your scripts. AI can do everything, but a human touch can elevate the game to the next level.

To leverage these scripts best, blend your creativity and the tool’s efficiency. Review, edit, and make them better as you know which characters resonate with the brand. If any minor changes are needed, do them right there. If not, you are always good to go. 

But we will never suggest not reviewing the AI work because, at the end of the day, even the AI is not perfect!


As businesses strive to capture audiences’ attention, leveraging AI for scriptwriting offers unparalleled efficiency, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. From crafting localized and personalized messages to optimizing targeting and enhancing engagement, AI-driven scripts are proving to be invaluable assets for brands across industries. 

And when implementing these scripts into engaging video content, Video Explainers stands ready to help. Our expert team can transform your AI-generated scripts into captivating explainer videos that captivate audiences and drive results. Contact us today to discover how we can elevate your brand’s video marketing strategy to new heights.

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