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Top 5 AI Tools in the Video Marketing Landscape

In 2024, video marketing is not stopping, and AI isn’t coming slowly either! In a smarter era for businesses, the solutions are more innovative. As in every other domain, AI is also scoring milestones in the video marketing world. 

From content creation and distribution to optimization, AI tools know where exactly you need assistance. AI video marketing tools help you change your video approach to a 360 level. You can have your name in the top competitive companies of the future only if you jump on the bandwagon. 

Today, we’ll help you through! This blog has the top AI tools for video marketing that are already paving success for companies and empowering them to grow.


AI Video Marketing Tools You Can’t Miss in 2024!



Synthesia is an AI avatar-based video-making tool with voiceovers in 120 unique languages, branding elements, and custom assets. You don’t need prior video editing experience to work with the 60+ editable templates with an intuitive interface. 

Videos made from Synthesia are best for marketing purposes, how-to guides, internal communication, or training. The bonus is that you can choose the avatars’ non-verbal cues like wink, nod, eyebrow raise, or frown. 

Such a video production approach helps you reduce costs, especially if you are a startup. It eliminates the need for traditional filming, casting, and post-production processes with maximum creativity.

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Lumen5 is an AI-powered video creation platform that has the power to convert text-based content into videos within minutes. The text can be blog posts, whitepapers, scripts, social media posts, or any other content form you know. It uses Natural Language Processing and machine learning algorithms to interpret the words into videos.

You don’t have to worry about the right voiceover tone, transitions, or timings. You can also suggest your brand colors and be consistent throughout. With Lumen5, professional videos are accessible to all business sizes. 

It has a limited free pricing plan with basic features, and gradually, once you get the grip, you can set a budget for your AI video marketing tools.


Pictory is another easy-to-go AI tool for video marketing that only asks for a long-form blog, article, webinars, whitepapers, or even raw script to get you results. For different platforms, the tool allows you to choose aspect ratio along with automated captions. So if your same content has to go on YouTube and Instagram, Pictory will customize the ratios.

There aren’t avatars but a rich library of templates, clips, and photos for every case. It is a quick solution to turn text interactive, especially if your business works best with no-face-shown content. 

Do you know the best part, it saves you from the hassle and allows for a free trial without giving you credit card information.


InVideo is a quick and easy AI tool for video marketing that covers social media content creation, sales, testimonials, presentations, decks, memes, and more. Its drag-and-drop feature customizable templates, and rich library of stock images, music, and voiceovers can make anyone a professional video maker. 

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This AI video marketing tool differs from others due to its integration with social media and video hosting platforms. It also provides an analytics feature to keep your videos on track, just like any other expert.

InVideo does not have avatars but it is ideal for beginner and intermediate video editors. is a full-featured AI tool with AI avatars, voice generators, image generators, background remover, and video dubber. You can record screens, automate subtitles, and get transcription in one click.
You can create unique and high-quality videos with an intuitive interface, customizable features, and theme options. Plus, this free editing app does not need extra space on your PC, works perfectly fine on any browser. 

Its basic plan starts at $3.50 per user per month and allows full HD exports, without a watermark. And even if you opt for the free version, you can download the video at 720p which isn’t bad for beginners.

The Future of Video Marketing is AI

AI tools are turning the tables for video marketing in 2024. With streamlined content creation, quick solutions, engagement motives, and effective communication, you can excel in your domain.  

But to stay ahead, you need a resource that knows all the ins, outs, and hacks of using AI tools. Only then your video marketing can be top-notch. You can begin working with a video marketing agency and gradually land the job in your hands.

To begin with, reach out to Video Explainers so your start has experts’ backing. We leverage the power of AI video marketing tools at their best and set our clients apart. Contact us today to begin the journey of 2024 and the future!

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