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Getting Clicks but not the Website Conversions- What’s wrong then?

Being a startup or entrepreneur, you must be trying different marketing gimmicks or strategies to increase your website conversion. That is really obvious! But wait! Have you noticed that you are getting the clicks, but not the WEBSITE CONVERSIONS? Why is that so? Where you are wrong?
To survive in today’s competitive time, it is really essential that you apply the latest marketing strategies to get leads, website conversion, and sales! But you also have to see that if you are not getting the desired result then what’s going wrong there? You can’t simply follow the strategies as everyone else is doing, even if you are not getting the required result. Just try to track where you are going wrong in that? There might be many reasons for that like maybe you do not understand the essence of the strategy you are trying to apply, or your timing is not right or either you are not getting the relevant traffic etc.
What typically you and other entrepreneurs do is that you guys invest a lot on Google Adwords as it is termed as the best method to get the qualified leads. But still if you don’t get the required results, then it is such a great disappointment! It can be really devastating!!
In this disappointing situation, you would be holding your ad campaigns responsible for this destruction, but mostly it is because of your website and landing pages. If you are getting a lot of clicks but not the website conversions, then you should really think upon your website and landing page structure!
You need to find the answer to this question:

Nonsense Web Site or Nonsense Ad campaign?

Okay, so it is the time to get the answer of this important question. If you really need the qualified leads and website conversions, then you have to discover the answer to this question. If you are getting click but not the website conversions, then there are two main probable issues behind this.

  1. Bad Ad campaign
  2. Bad Website

I believe you will be shocked to hear that mostly bad website is responsible for this situation.
Now different meanings can be inferred with the term bad website. Firstly, it could mean that your website is DEAD. Its layout and design is not good, content is difficult to read and doesn’t contain enough brand information, headline is not catchy, CTA buttons are not prompted for the viewers, and most importantly it does not have an EXPLAINER VIDEO.
Secondly, it could mean that your website is good, layout and design is good and it works properly, but still it misses the X-factor that the viewers are looking for which is preventing the viewers to further proceed for the conversions.
Keeping in mind these both meanings you can actually work on your website. You can get the best website design and layout according to your brand, make a very catchy headline, make sure that your content is readable by everyone (easy, concise and complete information), focus on the CTA button  font, design, color and its placement) and most importantly don’t forget to place the landing page video.
Be sure that you follow these important elements in your landing page video:

  1. Powerful script and storyline
  2. Impressive Characters
  3. Use of bright colors according to the brand
  4. Selection of right video style according to the brand and target audience
  5. Video length(between 90-120 seconds)
  6. Keep the message in the early seconds of the video
  7. Highlight your brand in the video

Other than that I have a short guide for you which would help you in tracking the real reason for low website conversion rates.

1. Assuring Traffic Relevancy

As mentioned above, the first reason for lower website conversions is a bad ad campaign. If you talk about any Google ad word expert, so he can easily tell you the issues arising in your ad campaign. But making it simple, you can check the Search     Query Report in Adwords. It shows you the search terms of each click through to your website from your paid campaign:
For this, you can go for Matched Search Query Report in Google analytics.
Let me give you an example here.
We produce explainer videos. If we come across the searches like “whiteboard animation” or whiteboard animated videos or scribe animation, video then the leads we are getting are the qualified and relevant ones. But if we see the searches like videos then we actually need to take a very close look to our campaign that why irrelevant that why irrelevant search are coming due to our ad campaign.
After following this procedure, if you are satisfied with your traffic like you believe that it is relevant, then next thing you need to do is to check your website,that why your viewers are not converting in your customers. You need to see that what that X-factor is missing in your website that is preventing your viewers from becoming your customers.
Let’s see how you can do it!

2. Critical Evaluation of your Website

When your viewers visit your website, they would be judging your website. They would be seeing whether the web copy is readable or not, the headline is catchy or not, layout and design is appealing or not. They would be finding reasons to stay on your website. In just a few seconds, they would judge your website. Your website tab would be closed or not would be dependent upon their judgment.
Your website holds the responsibility to create a trust among the viewers about the brand and organization. The trust would be created among the viewers if you provide complete details about your company, product, its uses etc.
For you to critically analyze your website, just get into the viewers mind. Get the viewers data in order to understand them. Get the understandings of viewers thinking. In this manner, you would be able to understand what the viewers think about your website when they visit it. If you will be able to track it, you would be able to see why viewers are not converting into customers.
Also, check your competitors’ website and see what amazing things they are doing that you are not doing. You can also conduct an online survey of what viewers think about your website and your competitors’ website.
There are some questions that you should ask yourself in order to review your website.

Navigation Structure of Website

Does my website have clear navigation? Like my viewers can easily and quickly find what exactly they are looking for? Make sure that the main pages like about us, contact us, pricing etc are easily accessible.

Website Design

Does my website design is according to my industry? My website has a modern and fresh look or outdated look? Focus on your website design as it plays the main role in making viewers’ judgment.

Call to action Placement on Website

Does my call to action button have the right font, design, color, and placement? Calls to action buttons are extremely important on the website as it guides and provokes the viewers to take the desired next steps. Call to action buttons include call now, buy now, get it now, sign up etc.

Contact details

If your viewers get interested in your brand and want to get more details about it or buy it then he would need your contact details. If contact details would not be appearing on the website, then it would give disappointment to the viewers. At that point, maybe he would drop the idea of getting into the details of your product. You may be losing a potential lead then. So it is necessary that you display your contact details on the website conversion with great visibility.

High-Quality Images

Am I using the high-quality images? Are the images on the website are appealing or prompting? Viewers expect to see your product in the high quality image so that he gets a clear idea about it.


Are my prices high? Low? Reasonable? The viewers compare your product pricing with all your competitors. So make sure that you offer pricing is according to the industry prices.
Throughout my blog, I have been mentioning many factors that can help you to bring X-factor to your website conversion so that it converts viewers into customers.

Top 7 tips for  Increasing Website Conversion

I am sharing some more tips so that you can get benefit out of it:

  • Implementing a “Chat Now” button increased free signup form fills by 31%.
  • recently boosted their conversion rate 2.7% by having a security seal on their site.
  • Including discount information in the title (e.g. 15% off Product A vs Product A) increased add to cart conversions by 148.3%.
  • Benefits, social proof, and credibility indicators led to a 144.1% improvement on landing pages.
  • Putting people on your homepage can have a huge impact on conversions.
  • Including a pain point in a headline increased conversions by 31%.
  • Changing your call-to-action button from green to red has been shown to increase conversions by as much as 34%.
  • Try moving around your Buy Now button. Appsumo did this (among other things) and doubled their conversion rate.
  • Changing a button from “See Plans and Pricing” to “Get Started Today” increased conversions by 252%.

Follow these factors in order to achieve the increased website conversion rates.
So, I told you the elements that really contribute to the website conversion. You need to work on them if you really want to increase website conversion.
The purpose of working on them is that to give your customers the REASONS to stay on your website. Interestingly, there is one main element that brings drastic changes in website conversion rate. Do you want to know about it? Definitely you want to!!

Roll up:

As an entrepreneur, you must be making a lot of efforts to increase your website conversion. But if you are not getting the desired results, you are going wrong somewhere. There are two most probable reasons that prevent the conversion of your viewers into customers; your bad paid ad campaign or bad website. With Google analytics, you can identify either your campaign is getting relevant traffic or irrelevant traffic. Furthermore, you can critically analyze your website in order to track the website conversion issue that is not letting the conversions increase. After the website conversion analyses, you can resolve the issues by following some of the valuable tips that have been shared on the blog.

Let me know what you think of this blog in the comments section and if you really find it helpful,  feel free to share it with your friends and acquaintances on social media.

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