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5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Business This Christmas with Animated Video

Christmas is around the corner and we are already very excited to see those nice and shiny presents under our Christmas tree. But in this excitement do not forget to boost your business with an animated video and get ready to roll in the conversions and traffic after the holiday season ends.

We have listed down 5 ways to boost your business during the Christmas holidays.
So, let’s get started.

Quickly deliver your message

Have you ever had one of those conversations where you tried to explain something, but, midway through your speech, you notice the other person disgustingly looking at some blank point in space? Well, yes, we have been through.

Now imagine you have a compelling video with all the music, illustrations and well-crafted characters that explain your story to the viewers. Isn’t that interesting?

Animated explainer videos are highly educational because they take advantage of various senses to help us understand just about anything.

It has been shown that the retention rate for visual information can reach 65% versus 10% for text-based information (Social Media Today), and these effects can be boosted if both are combined. How can you mix both effects up? In a video, of course!

Watch this animated video production for (Oasis HR, Recruitment, Consultancy), the ideal technique to use to explain the most complex concepts in a simple and catchy way:

Generate Conversion during Your Holidays

You measure your conversions through specific goals as visitors signing up for a newsletter, completing an online purchase or contacting you through a form.

While you’re away enjoying your holidays you can upload your product/service video on your websites or just attach these to your emails and let them work as your brand ambassador.

As engaging as they are, videos can transform interested strangers into trusted customers. Did you know 57% of online shoppers are more confident in making a purchase and less likely to return a product if they’ve watched a video before? (Invodo)

The reason behind the magic is simple: animated video increase engagement and trust for your brand, and as they help your value proposition come across they align your clients’ expectations to your own.

Would you invest some money in these videos now after watching this lovely explanation? We surely would!

Double Google Love (SEO)

Remember your website? Of course, you do, but Google probably has forgotten it. With hundreds of sites being created every minute (Internet Live Stats), it is important to keep your content updated and fresh and here’s where your animated marketing video can work like magic.

The attention span of website visitors is barely 8 seconds long (Statistic Brain Research Institute), just the time they need to click the “play” button on your video.

As engaging as it is, Animated Video can help visitors to stay on your site for a longer period of time, lowering your bounce rates (the percentage of people who leave your site after only navigating one page and not interacting with it) and improving your positioning on Google.

But how does that work? It’s a fact: Google’s algorithms favor more successful websites, and success is measured, amongst other items, by lower bounce rates.

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Increase Your Social Media Presence

Video is an awesome resource to attract a large audience at one time on social media because videos are the form of content that is growing across all platforms. They are the future and the presence of social networks! For instance:

  • Facebook currently prioritizes videos to make up 30% of the News Feed, not to mention the sharp rise in the share ratio of posting videos. (Socialbakers)
  • Almost all Twitter users (82%) watch video content on the platform. (Twitter)
    And you know what? Sharing your animated marketing video traces a perfect circle because engaging content on social media can help your SEO campaign too: Google loves those sites that are being linked by other sources, and these networks are great places to do so.

Increase Your Brand Awareness

To generate brand awareness is one thing, but to be one of the top list brands is another! Videos are excellent marketing tools to reach the hearts of your target audience because they help convey emotions through storytelling, animation, and music.

Show your customers you care about them. Then put them first! Animated marketing videos can help you make it all about them through relatable characters that convey to just your target audience.

In this aspect, animated videos can be helpful in giving a problem-solving solution to your customers.
Catch that frustrating thing your product or service can fix? Let it save the day in your explainer video production! The funny approach of this technique will also keep your viewers hooked until the end.

Bonus Tip: The easiest way to thank your customers is by sending them a short Christmas wish along with a message that can make them happy and brand loyal. I do the same my all emails contain a short video which helps me keep my clients engaged.


These are just a few of the awesome gifts an animated video could give to your business this Christmas. Why not give it a try and discover more by yourself?

I bet you won’t regret.

It’s a few days for Christmas now and I’m feeling pretty excited too. So, here is a little present for all of you! Download our free eBook and learn some marketing tips to grow your business.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year In Advance!

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