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Animated Explainer Videos for Startups- The Best for Your Business

What Is Animated Explainer Video?

An  animated explainer video is basically a 2 to 3 minute online video that gives brief information about a certain product/service. It’s comprised of:

  • Story and script
  • Animation
  • Voice over
  • Background music
  • Vibrant colors

Explainer videos are largely used today in online marketing. All businesses need explainer videos to effectively communicate the product/service message to the target audience. Particularly, some online businesses need explainer videos to demonstrate the product/service to their customers.
Today, animated explainer video has become the number one online marketing tool. There are certain factors that have helped this kind of video to generate massive influence and impact on target audiences.

Let’s see what they are…

  1. Explainer videos help organizations to effectively communicate their product or service message to the targeted prospects or customers.
  2. They have the ability to deliver any message regardless of its complexity.
  3. The core elements (story, script, animation, voice over, and music, etc.) can convert a difficult message into one that is easier to understand.
  4. With explainer videos, the messages reach the audience in fun and engaging way.
  5. The message becomes more appealing and attractive using an explainer video.
  6. Animated explainer video work well in informing, persuading, and influencing viewers.
  7. They present information in a short span of time. 8. They awaken customers’ interest in the message.
  8. They influence people to make purchases of the product/service.
  9. They get easily uploaded and shared on the Internet

Beyond these points, one thing that attracts business owners to produce their own explainer videos is that they have the choice to select the video style that goes well with their brand and target audience.
They have the liberty to choose the video style that can explain the product/service concept in the best manner.
While zeroing in on the video style, business owners can consider which style would maximize their impact.
Now we can help you discover which animated explainer video is best suited for your organization or field of interest! Let’s get started.

1.Whiteboard Animation

This is the best example that I could give you for whiteboard animation! You can see for yourself how well the concept has been explained.
Whiteboard animation is the most popular video style for the effective delivery of complex messages. What makes the message look simple and clean is its black and white simplicity of the drawing. Whiteboard animation has a simple look and the drawing of animations and sketches draw in the audience’s attention.
The viewers don’t get bored while watching whiteboard animated explainer video because they look forward to seeing the upcoming sketches that will be drawn in the video.
I love watching white board videos myself, and I never get bored watching them. I love how the sketches are drawn in sync with the every word of narration in the video.

2.Cartoon Animation

This is another very popular video style available for explainer videos! Cartoon animation is equally popular and like whiteboard animation, it’s very effective in delivering complicated product/service messages.
It has its own unique way of conveying messages by using interesting cartoon characters that interact with each other and help build brand associations.

3.Motion Graphics

What did you notice in the video? Did you watch how the app functionality is demonstrated through motion graphics?
That’s exactly what motion graphics is all about. Motion graphics is widely used for showing product/service functionality to audiences. It features a smooth transition between the different video, slides and graphic typography that makes it easy for the viewers to understand the functionality of the product/service.


Typography is widely used for clear data presentation. It makes it easier for the audience to grab a lot of information in a short span of time, by repeating what is said in the narration in the form of on screen text.

5.Cut Out Animation

Cut out animation is really simple which you will easily realize after watching it. The viewers can actually concentrate on the message shown in the cut out animation, which are similar to cartoon animation.
What makes it interesting is its unique style of showing a hand that puts the sketches of characters and objects at different places in the video!

6.Live Action

Live action gives you the best combo of animation and real life human beings! It’s entertaining and exciting for customers to view. Human beings explain the product/service concept along with the help of animation. The concept can easily become more clear plus it’s fun to watch live action and animation working together.


Infographics and typography are somehow similar. The slight difference is that typography shows only the text along with the animation and infographics depicts the information supported with moving objects and animation.


3D animation consists of a lot of components. It has outstanding, vivid animation (that makes it a bit expensive over others) but you love it in the end. If you want to amaze your audience with your product/service message, then go ahead for 3D animation, animated explainer video. It’s highly customized animation makes it distinctive from the others out there.

Video Style that Suits Your Product/Service Message

I have given you a detailed description about the different animated explainer video styles. Let me give you some tips that you can consider when selecting the video style that’s perfect for your business!
If your product or message is complex and you want to convey it effectively with simplicity — go for Whiteboard animation
If you have a complicated product message and you want to build brand associations and enable people to relate to your product/service — go for Cartoon Animation

  • If you intend to demonstrate the product/service’s functionality- — choose Motion Graphics
  • You can even use the combination of motion graphics and cartoon animation for maximizing a video’s impact
  • If you aim to inform people and show them a large chunk of technical information — go for Typography
  • If you want to depict the information with moving objects and make it more attractive go for Infographics
  • If you want your audience to focus more on your product/.Service message – use Cut Out animation
  • If you want to make use of the highest levels of animation — use 3D
  • If you want to convey the message with Human beings and animation — go for Live Action!

Let me know what you think of this blog in the comments section and if you really find it helpful,  feel free to share it with your friends and acquaintances on social media.

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