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Top 7 Types Of Explainer Video Examples For Businesses


Have you ever had breakfast for dinner, or dinner for breakfast?

You probably have, and it’s fun, right? Sadly, this is not the case with explainer videos. You cannot mix and match types of explainer videos with different purposes.

Different types exist because of this reason! There is no one goal or purpose of a company. Thousands of companies have different purposes they want to achieve, for example, more sales, brand awareness, announcing or launching a new product.

In this case, one size doesn’t fit all!

Do you know why explainer videos perform so well? Because they are creative and tailored to your goal! It’s hitting the mark with your target audience, making it relate relate to their problems. That’s why it has such a high 81% conversion rate!

We’ll be discussing more on this later, but first, let’s look into the types of explainer videos!

Types of Explainer Videos

Before beginning, I should warn you that there are many types of explainer videos, which is why you’ll probably be confused as to which one to execute. But worry not, we have covered this as well!

1. 2D Animation Explainer Video

This is one of the most popular forms of explainer video which sits well with almost anything. It engages the viewer with mind-blowing creativity, the different layers of animation, giving it a real, engaging look.

2. Motion Graphics Animation

This type of explainer video is more popular within the tech industry as it explains complex concepts with precision, presenting it in a simple form.

This style works because it’s not too overcrowded and captures the eye of the customer to where it wants them to focus on. It’s not distracting at all and uses motion and illustrations to convey the messages, the customer’s eye trained on it.

3. Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video

Whiteboard explainer videos are so simple, yet extremely fun to watch at the same time. It consists of a live hand drawing on a whiteboard with colorful markers.

The way the hand moves fluidly, creating the perfect drawings with a voice-over to aid the viewer, hooks them in, making for a higher engagement rate.

4. 3D Animation Explainer Video

This is probably one of the fanciest and expensive explainer videos out there but for good reason. A lot of hard work and effort is put into it, each frame taking way longer than a normal video.

But the results achieved are amazing, fishing out the maximum engagement and conversion rate because of the mind-blowing creativity invested in it!

5. Live-Action Explainer Video

Live-action explainer videos require real people to explain a concept or announcing a new service or product. They are mostly used when a human touch is absolutely needed, for example in testimonial videos!
You cannot have a cartoon testify for your company right? It has no credibility!

6. Kinetic Typography

The only visual in this explainer video is the wordplay! The lack of cartoon characters makes the video easier to produce in a small budget, while also taking lesser time.

However, it doesn’t lower the engagement as the viewer is now mesmerized with the words dancing around each other.

Kinetic typography is mainly used to make announcements so the viewer isn’t distracted by unnecessary animations.

7. Screencast Explainer Video

A screencast explainer video is basically a recording of the screen. It usually involves steps or instructions to do a task. Screencast videos are commonly used by software companies for short tutorials to help the viewer set up.
This is it for the types of explainer videos! Each one is unique in their own way, bringing something different to the table.

I know digesting so many types is hard and you’re probably left confused as to which one to choose. This is why we have an article dedicated to this especially!

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