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10 Best Motion Graphic Trends of 2022

Motion Graphic Explainer Video is a type of trendy animation nowadays. They are the most common ways for advertisers to speak with our souls. Through text, fonts, lines, and colors, it can engage viewers while giving them powerful messages. 

Mindfulness is a natural urge for our customers to follow when viewing these videos. In many ways, it leads to better brand awareness and entertains people with delight. It is very effective for marketing overall. As we follow the types of trendy Motion Graphics, we will be covering each of their vivid benefits along the way:

1. Grain

Grain animation is bland compared to the other types, but it is still more colorful for the viewers. It is noticeably striking with its symbolistic highlights. The colors are intensely bright but not too sharp, letting the eyes be absorbed in the animation. Our universities and the student’s research projects have this type of animation.

2. Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography is a kind of Motion Graphic explainer video which is simple yet engaging. It is pretty common in media to witness this type. Displayed effects on the texts relate to the specific vibes which gather in our minds.

It can range from psychedelic color vibes to retro hypnotic vibes to engage people in a captivated state.

3. Isometric Figures

Isometric figures involve the pop-up effect of flat objects in an animation video. The composition is exact and static. It’s like the animators have given 3D feeling to 2D objects that ads a sense of realism to the artwork. They can range from being black and white or just relating with simple but vague colors. Even though the work has chances of having unique creativity, it is generally flat.

4. Morphing

Morphing involves the change of objects into smooth designs, relating it to animation and 3D modeling. You can find Morphing animation techniques in many film Industries. It is more about creating special effects. Not to be confused with Weening, which relates to more movement.

5. Animated Logos

Animated Logos add life to the Brand’s iconic image. It also develops individual characteristics of a brand from an artistic viewpoint. Brands can increase their presence more with Animated Logos because they stand more out than Static ones. It is the visual identification of the Brand in simple terms.

6. Retro

Retro animation tends to add a fresh, nostalgic feel to the advertisement despite being an ancient method. The retro graphic motion arose back in 2019 and has still been a spectacular trend with its attention-grabbing trait. It can attach interest towards Generation Z and millennials since they grew up in the retro times.

7. 2D and 3D Animation Motion Graphic Combination

The hybrid technique is known to be in animation movies and video games. Very reliable when it comes to putting thrill in the audience’s gaze. Do you remember Toy Story, the movie? It is the perfect example of such 2D and 3D combinations. Opportunities are immense for it and even more if the person adds stop motion.

8. VR Animation

Virtual Reality (VR) was something of a too-good-to-be-true concept for optimists. Now it is emerging as a widespread reality to the point it has become an actual world environment. Virtual reality has astounding possibilities for various internet technologies such as Marketing. You can help the target audience to visualize experiences and persuade them to act.

9. Vertical Animation

Vertical Animation is a kind that displays in portrait form on our phones. It is more of a tall video structure rather than a wide one. Ever since the rise of smartphones, Vertical Animation has become very popular for users. People use it for ads and in many other contexts such as Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook.

10. Liquid Design

Ripple, fluid effects are iconic for this type of animation. It adds a realistic vibe to the ads, relaxing the viewer’s mood. As it is slow and smooth, it makes it easier to absorb the animation’s message.

The World Continues to Move & So Should You with Motion Graphics Explainer Videos!

This year will spur a delightful change in animations of many forms. The visuals are evolving, and the progressive ads now focus on building strong bonds between brands and consumers. 

Today’s messages are more colorful to witness, especially with the Motion Graphic Explainer videos. They have shaped a massive deal for the audience. As it ends here, we encourage you to move on with the ever-flowing trends. Go to our site, VideoExplainers, and get a customized plan for your brand’s animation video design. Our professionals happily assist you with your projects, as they have associated themselves with various other companies. The future pushes on with us!

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