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Why Explainer Videos are Effective for Marketing?

Do you know that 92% of marketers believe that explainer videos are one of the most significant parts of their marketing strategy?

Because such videos blend auditory and visual cues to convey a concept straightforwardly and understandable to the audience. Perhaps, most crucially, explainer videos make learning enjoyable and help to understand products and services easily. Such videos allow you to communicate your message while adding value to your audience.

It depends on companies which type of explainer videos they prefer for their businesses. It can be animated, live-action, infographics, and screencast videos but most importantly, a video should contain useful and engaging information, only then it will be compelling. Due to the abundance of video content on the internet, it is vital to focus on users’ particular interests and preferences and analyze them carefully to achieve a competitive advantage.

Let’s discover more about the explainer videos and discuss their benefits when using them for marketing purposes.

1. Simplification of Complex Ideas

Explainer videos whether animated or motion graphics can simplify complex information and convey it clearly and understandably to the audience. When it comes to marketing your brand, these videos are more compelling and appealing than images or written texts. It does not have to be lengthy. For example, a normal duration is 60 to 120 seconds. So, for effective marketing,  there is no better method than explainer videos.

2. Engage Viewers’ Attention

The use of magnificent avatars, inventive settings, intriguing situations, and striking visual metaphors are all features of explainer videos that enhance user engagement. In fact, 54 percent of consumers prefer watching videos from their favorite brands. That is why such videos are excellent at retaining the audience’s attention.

3. Easily Shareable on Social Media

Explainer videos are often simple to share on the internet. One of the most significant marketing tools today is social networking. There are around 3.5 billion social media users on the planet, and you need to know how to connect with them. It increases their chances of going viral. Adding social media share buttons and a compelling call to action at the end of the video can treble the chances of your video becoming viral.

4. Improves the Conversion Rate

An explainer video can help you get your message out to a large audience globally. Such videos allow a brand’s information to spread across far and wide which increases the conversion rates. You can use an explainer video for different sales channels to increase the source for conversion rate. Not just this, but you can convince them to make a purchase whatever your CTA suggests them to do. When potential customers land on your page, explainer videos instantly deliver them the information.

5. Boost SEO Rankings

Many internet platforms, including Google, are video-obsessed. If your business relies on Google to bring in clients, you will need to have explainer videos. The greatest benefit of such videos is the frequent Google search results. When visitors begin watching videos on your website, there is a probability that the bounce rate will decrease and the time spent on the site will increase. It indicates, the explainer videos capture the attention of the viewers and keep them on the website for a longer period

6. Represents Brand’s Culture and Personality

When it comes to interacting with and engaging with your target audience, your brand’s personality and culture are vital for them to know. Because you can share the benefits of using your products and let your audience know why they need to choose your products. Showing your brand’s personality builds confidence and trust among the customers and helps you to connect with them via humor or emotions that reflect who you are. 

7. Encourages Email Marketing

The use of explainer videos makes purchasing strategy more effective through email marketing.  It is far more efficient than delivering a few text paragraphs. Consider consumers going through their emails, when they see the embedded link of your explainer video, it will lead them to your website’s landing page. So, undoubtedly, your site will gain more visitors and obviously a higher conversion rate. Believe it or not, email marketing is an incredible way to connect with your audience, when done right.

Using Explainer Videos Add Value Proposition to your Business!

These days, it is crucial to keep your business different and relevant in the marketplace where everything evolves quickly. Brands need to implement the latest marketing tactics to get along with the recent market trends. It means, for businesses, explainer videos are one of the best options to grab the user’s attention.

But do you know the crafting of explainer videos is not easy as it appears to be? That’s why all you need to do is to contact Video Explainers. They offer a wide range of user-friendly animation designs and motion pictures to give an appealing effect to your videos. Give a ring to them today at +1 929 552 3638. 

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