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Why Explainer Videos are Trending for 2022 Businesses?

“The Snake which cannot cast its skin has to die”- Friedrich Nietzsche

It is a natural phenomenon for snakes cast their skin for their survival. The moral is that we need to adapt, change, improve, and developments in every field of life for survival. The same is with businesses. Brands that don’t evolve do obsolete. Trends are part of businesses, and every new one supersedes the old. It is necessary to keep up with the current ones. Today, explainer videos are one of the top trends for 2022. Out of all, animated explainer videos are leading the marketing tools of modern times and are highly fascinating for customers. 

If you want to grow your business and make it successful and competitive, you need to add such explainer video types to your business marketing. An animated explainer video services company can help you to create stunning videos.

How Explainer Videos Became The Trend?

We are living in an online world with bombarded info. Getting customers’ attention has become difficult. Yet explainer videos help interact with their audiences more creatively and give them entertainment. It is the best way to present your products as it explains the business idea in just a few seconds. It has a great storytelling power that engages people, creates a lasting impression, and sticks to the audience’s memory. In short, it’s an easy and affordable way to grow brand awareness and consumer loyalty.

Following Are The Best Video Explainer Trends For 2022

1. Animated Explainer Video

The adoption of animation in video editing is not a new trend. It has been relevant for many years. Animated videos are best to remember things for a longer period. In fact, animation has always been one of the most actionable marketing practices as it helps create a better image and attract customers. Among the major video marketing trends in 2022, we expect the growing popularity of animated explainer videos. Presently, many companies all over the world use animated videos to promote their products and services. 

2. Whiteboard Explainer Video

Whiteboard Explainer videos are the right choice for small and medium-sized businesses to present their brands efficiently. It is simple and cost-effective with its high-yielding results that make this trend successful. Whiteboards are different from other explainer videos because of a hand sketch. It is popular among the target audience because it shows the originality, simplicity, and creativity to simplify and beautify complex design for customers. The trend is a traditional and classic practice that will never fade and remain forever. 

3. Educational Videos

Educational video is a new rising trend. The previous year of COVID’19 has taught us that brands need an online presence to grow in a highly unpredictable world. Several countries were under complete lockdown. 

Educational videos turned out to be the best way for students and employees to learn through digital classes, lectures, and training sessions. Such videos summarize complex information and are perfect for businesses to convey genuine messages to customers.

4. Liquid Motion Video

The liquid motion video trend has brought innovation to businesses and the video industry. It is a demanding trend among firms to hire designers that use their creative excellence to design a video. Liquid motion inspires viewers with its bright videos that give a fluid object display to engage the audience. It brings curiosity among viewers to watch till the end. Though, it is an expensive video creation technique that requires extensive expertise from designers and supervisors.


Many explainer video trends are thriving to grow. Trends change with time, and so does the strategies. To remain competitive, you have to adapt to your industry’s norms. And believe us, it actually leaves you in awe when people start talking about your unique marketing strategies. 

Video Explainers are among the top animated explainer video companies that never stay behind in following the new trends and innovations happening in the animation world. We address to adapt the latest video trends to yield positive results. We craft every Explainer video based on the custom attributes of your prospect buyer so, they can understand your message clearly.

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