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What We Can Learn From Explainer Videos?

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Every second, hundreds of animated explainer videos are uploaded to the internet. However, many of those videos are useless. One thing we can’t deny is that the demand for videos is increasing.

According to Cisco, by 2022, online videos will account for more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic, a figure that is 15 times higher than it was in 2017. If you’re not utilizing the power of animated explainer videos, you’re passing up a huge opportunity. There are numerous types of animated explainer videos that can assist you in achieving your goal.

In today’s digital world, you must communicate your offering in a unique way that truly inspires your target market. But how exactly? Do you have any idea? We do! And that’s the main motive of this blog – to enable you to learn as much as possible about animated explainer videos.

The solution is an “explainer video” Explainer videos are both informative and educational, and they effectively communicate what your company has to offer. Explainer videos are also used by businesses to increase web traffic and generate a higher ROI.

The most important aspect of an Explainer videos that contributes to its popularity is its simplicity. Furthermore, animated explainer videos are published for a variety of reasons, both major and minor. It’s a fantastic tool that works flawlessly for both internal and external communication.

Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why businesses prefer animated explainer videos.

How do you capture the attention of your target audience in an age when advertisers bombard them with messages? An enticing video is an answer to this question. An explainer videos is a very effective tool for capturing the attention of viewers.

Traditional web content is less appealing to our brain than entertainment videos. When you see a compelling animated video, your mind commands you to watch it. It is because it piques your interest and provides you with a fun way to learn new things.

However, this is not the case with TV commercials because your brain already associates them with annoying interruptions attempting to force a product down your throat.

What else animated explainer videos bring to the table? We knew you would ask that. With reference to your question, we have some answers. 

Simple Explanation of Complicated Topics

We cannot easily explain every single product because it includes technical products such as software, specialized equipment, and so on that require detailed explanation.

According to a survey, approximately 98% of people learned something after watching an explainer video. As a result, begin using creative and exciting images, characters, and so on to help your audience understand the significance of your products and services.

An animated explainer videos is a great way to put your character in a real-life situation that relates to your brand. Your audience will enjoy watching your characters face problems and solve them thanks to your product/service.

SEO to Increase Web Traffic

If you include a video in your content, search engine users are 50% more likely to find it. Furthermore, if the video is interesting, users will spend more time on your page. This will send more positive signals to search engines, resulting in an increase in rankings and organic traffic.

Google is crazy about videos. If you search for any term, you will most likely see a list of videos on the first page of the search results. If you include a high-quality video on your page, Google will love it and you will see an increase in organic traffic.

The benefit of organic traffic is that the visitors you get from search engines are highly targeted. This means that if your content is valuable to them, they are more likely to engage with it and purchase your products.

Keep On Learning With Us

Let us ask you a question now that you’ve finished reading this post. Is an explainer videos right for your company? If your company is like most others, the answer to this question should be yes. The reasons we’ve given are compelling enough to give explainer videos a try.

Because of the benefits to businesses, the demand for explainer videos is expected to rise in the coming years. It is appropriate for small businesses, large corporations, non-profit organizations, and individuals. Many individual YouTubers upload videos without showing their faces.

You now have enough information to decide whether to do it yourself (you’ll need to learn about storytelling, video editing, and other skills) or hire a reputable third party to do it for you. 

Is there anything else you’d like to say? Or do you have second thoughts about explainer videos? If so, please let us know in the comments section below. Alternatively, you can always contact Video Explainers for expert advice.


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