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“A picture is worth a thousand words…….and a video is worth a million pictures…..”― Ankara Subbarao

Struggling with sales? 

Try whiteboard animation videos!

Undoubtedly, video marketing is spreading like a drop of ink in water. But are all videos successful? No, certain formats help you swim in the ocean of big fish. Whiteboard animation video is one of them. You can convey your message clearly and prominently using whiteboard animation. 

Don’t have an idea? Read till the end because we are about to tell you what whiteboard animation is and how it works. These are easy to remember because of the illustrations.

Whiteboard animation videos have some striking features that can make a customer’s buying journey smooth. Making your users comfortable should be your priority to be a successful business owner. The process is the same as in other videos. You need a script to start, but the steps to create a whiteboard video are different here. 

Let’s dive in! 

What is Whiteboard Animation And Why is it Important?

In the world of marketing, Video is the giant of all content. According to socialshepherd, 76% of marketers said that video marketing increases sales. Life is so busy these days, catching attention in the first few seconds of content is crucial. Whiteboard animation is appealing.

But what is a whiteboard animation, video exactly? 

Whiteboard animation videos are like a magic drying book. You can see, hear and understand the message easily. You can see the characters moving and filled with exotic colors.

Whiteboard animation video are a combination of illustration and narration. Static images drawn on the whiteboard convey information in a fun, engaging, and digestible way.

Having a 15% greater retention rate, whiteboard animations are better used for marketing. Whiteboard animations are versatile. You can use them to tell stories, explain a complex topic, solve a math problem, or anything your name.

How Does Whiteboard Animation Video Work?

You can use whiteboard animation in any type of industry. Check out some ways to make these videos work for you.


1. Can Create Brand Awareness


Creating brand awareness is art. Being human and accepting something new is often intimidating. According to Facebook’s latest stats, Businesses interact with over a billion people daily. Adding whiteboard animations to your brand awareness campaigns is highly cost-effective. You can use them in marketing channels to engage and convert your ideal customers.


2. Can Increase Sales With Interesting Stories


Like catching a fish from the river in business, increasing sales is not a piece of cake. The department has to work day and night to achieve this. Whiteboard animation, videos can be your fishing rod with the fish’s favorite food attached to it. The more your video will be catchy, the more sales you will get.

But storytelling only sometimes works every time. To see the magic happening, make your script according to the audience’s needs.


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3. Can Educate Your Audience Effectively


Avoid using boring ways of content marketing and educate your audience with fun and easy-to-grab content format. Again, whiteboard animation can be your magic stick.

Especially if you are an educational brand, creating funny and interesting videos for your students is a win-win! What’s more rewarding than winning your student’s heart?


4. Can Increase Your Followers


In this rough competition, having a killer social media following helps you win the game and reduces your effort of catching big fish. Try using whiteboard animations in your social media content format; your following will increase like the temperature of the thermometer. But Your script has to be powerful. If you don’t know how to write a killer video script, we have a team of expert scriptwriters to take your video to the next level.

Wrapping Up!

Now that you got an idea about whiteboard animation, video and how it works. Using these types of videos in your video marketing campaign is highly recommended because they are cost-effective and have a short duration. You can use them to create any situation, from telling your grandma’s old story to explaining a technical product launch. 

Consulting experts and proven video creators like Video Explainers can help you achieve your business goals. We’ve already helped some well-known brands like Microsoft and Coca-Cola. Now we’re ready to serve you! Animation can help you anywhere. Try using them. Your next campaign is awaiting to be a success!

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