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Vmail: What Is It and Why Use It?


Video Email (Vmail) in simple words refers to the video message which is sent electronically to the intended recipient. It is mostly done through email, but some people use the text messaging feature to deliver messages to clients. The most common medium for Vmail is through short and quick explainer videos, and this is why animated explainer video services and typography animation services are creating hype these days. Undoubtedly, it saves your time and effort from writing long-drawn-out content. For this reason, it is becoming an increasingly popular medium because it is simple and easy to use for everyone.

Today, 91 percent of businesses and companies on a global scale utilize video content marketing strategies to spread infographic video information about their products and services to a large audience. Well, here it is worth noting that video content is effective for marketing, so why not use it in Vmail? 

So, let’s dive deeper and find out more about Vmail in detail along with its uses in the current business marketplace. Read it carefully if you are curious to know more!

Who can Use Vmail?

Vmail has no restrictions on who may use it. It was designed for all kinds of businesses, whether small or large scale who wish to improve the efficacy of their email dissemination, elevated brand awareness, and increase the overall conversion rate of the emails they deliver to customers continually.

If your firm employs automated email systems, adding Vmail and comparing the conversion rate and ROI of the improved newsletter is a great idea.

Benefits of Using Video Mail (Vmail) 

It is found that 306 billion emails are sent and received globally every day by people including brands and businesses. However, in 2022, it is expected to reach over 333.2 billion and about 347.3 billion in 2023. These statistics clearly infer that emails can play a fairly good role in Vmail marketing. 

Let’s find out some benefits of the Vmail that can definitely give us a clear picture of the hidden marvels that it can do to your business. 

Boost the Click-through Rates 

It is amazing to know what Vmail can do to your conversion rate. Surprisingly, it can increase 65 percent of the click-through rates, which simply means that people prefer watching more video content than lengthy texts or images. Keep everything short and simple to acquire more positive responses.

Increase Open Email Rates

The open email rates increase with captivating videos as interestingly, it increases a whopping 19 percent open rates. Capturing your audience’s focus should be your first goal, so always try to create a striking video that easily delivers a message even with a static thumbnail. 

Helps for Effective Email Marketing 

This benefit is linked with the previous two points which are specifically about the click-through and open email rates. Through Vmail, you can add an embedded link to your explainer videos to your email marketing strategies to communicate with your customers. For email marketers, it is the best option today to improve their marketing efforts better and faster. 

Easily Shareable 

The Video content is highly shareable only when you have created something unique and compelling for your target audience. Adding videos to your daily email allows you to reach out to those who aren’t on your mailing list. Your existing customers may share videos from Vmail spreading the word about your business to the world. Add a share button/link at the end of your email so that your customer can send it further to other people through a single click. It can cause a huge optimistic stir in your business. 

Introduce Vmail to your Marketing Strategies for Better Market Reach! 

It is what you all need to know about the Video Mail (Vmail) in 2022. So, if you’re considering investing in video marketing, contact VideoExplainers today. Get in touch with one of their representatives. Call at +1 929 552 3638 and pick up your favorite animated video style that best suits your brand and use it for Vmail. Surely, the outcomes acquired will be tremendous. Don’t wait for the right time, but make everything right at the moment!

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