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5 Secrets to Win Clients and Influence Markets as a VIDEO PRODUCTION AGENCY

You need to understand that gone are the days when without making efforts in digitalization, businesses get clients and build their reputation. Being a video production agency, you need a streamlined online presence and apply a planned strategy to become successful. Remember to make a remarkable impact! Professionalism is paramount.

Video production is a highly competitive niche because it has become the king of content and the center of attraction for buyers. Many businesses have started using videos to promote their product or services online. It can be your golden key to winning more video production projects, but the picture has two sides. Competition has become doubled as many companies are selling this service.

This blog will pitch light on some savvy tips and tricks to help you stand tall and win several projects. Each point is important because these elements are the foundation of every successful business. If you really wanna grow as a video production agency, read till the end.

Here you go!

1. Build a Classic Agency Website

Visitors can form an opinion about your website within seconds. You must have an optimized and fully responsive video production agency website that can convert your traffic into regular customers. The most important trait of any website is its theme. Make sure you are using a versatile agency theme.

There are many free or paid agency themes in the market, specialty built for businesses like yours. Take full advantage of it to make an appealing brand. The display of testimonials and reviews on your website would be great. It builds trust and depicts you as an industry expert.

2. Build a Pro Brand on Suitable Marketing Channels

Here we have used the word suitable for a reason. Being everywhere is a huge mistake that marketers make. It’s true that social media is a big fish to catching and win clients, but admit that not every social platform is for you. It is better to select one or two channels according to your niche and make a strong brand there. Regular Content creation is the key to an appealing brand. 

As we are talking about video agencies, such content has a high growth rate on YouTube and Instagram. Instagram reels are quite trending these days. Creating short and informative videos and promoting them on Instagram can be a game-changer for you. 

3. Start a Blog

77% of people on the internet read blogs. Just like outbound marketing, content marketing generates leads by 3X. And a blog is an exceptionally dominant channel that can increase your website visibility and SEO like crazy.

It can be a free source of promotion for your agency. You just have to publish fresh and meaning full content to attract new prospects. Uploading video-related blogs and articles consistently can drive tons of traffic and potential clients. 

4. Targeted Email Marketing is Legit

If you haven’t set up an email integration on your website, add it to your to-do list. Email users are forecasted to reach 4.6 billion by 2025. Running a well-designed and well-optimized email marketing campaign can skyrocket your revenue

Also, cold emailing can help you win high-ticket video production agency clients, probably looking for an amazing explainer video to promote their product. As a video production agency owner, you can help them.

5. Provide an Inspiring Customer Service

Poor customer service can ruin your reputation within seconds. On the other hand, good service can take your company to the next level because it increases the customer retention rate. Which business doesn’t like long retaining customers? 

Also, it is a great way to upsell your services. Serving your customer best and dealing with their concerns should be your priority. Some agencies delay responding to customers, which creates a negative impact and increases the chances of losing potential customers.

It’s Time to Take Action!

Is everything clear? Getting clients as a video production agency can be tough. But these tips can make this journey easier. Also, hard work and the right investment always pay off. If you want people to inquire about your services, you need to show up as much as you can. Practice the tips we mentioned and create multiple channels to do it.

You can also take inspiration from an already-established video production agency like Video Explainers. We have built a diversified portfolio presented on our website. And we are always up for new challenges to grow it. Check out our portfolio here, and look for yourself. As a go-ahead, you can reach us to get your brand professional explainer videos and take the lead from there onwards. 

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