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How Video Marketing Made Wasel’s Gift Video A Success Journey

About Moussally LTD

Moussally LTD launched a mobile app Wasel’s Gift for people with an age range 18-40. The whole idea behind the app and the product development was to help people send gifts internationally through an app.

“The result was superb – a well designed and animated video that concisely explains the Wasel’s Gift App.”


Make the Happy Occasions Memorable With Wasel’s Gift App

The objective was to create a world-class mobile application which is able to perform the operation of sending gifts in the form of credits. This application is specifically designed for those who live far away from their loved ones.

Why Moussally needed an explainer video?

To let their audience know a convenient way through which they can easily send and collect gifts across the globe.  So they needed a video that concisely captured the benefit of the mobile app and how does it work.

As the client wanted to convey the message about their app in an innovative way which can instantly grab the attention of the viewers. We were tasked with creating a short and simple animated video named Wasel’s Gift Video that explains what Wasel Mobile Application is and the overall app benefit letting their audiences know how the app can be beneficial in saving time and celebrating occasions with love and happiness.

Our Solution:

Creating a compelling explainer video to explain how one app can save the time and hustle of going to the market to get gifts

Moussally required an explainer video for its Wasel’s gift app  that could concisely capture the mobile app benefits and its mechanism and so we chose to create a 60-90 sec motion graphic explainer video that shows the true value of their product.

The main idea behind creating this animated video was to aware the audience about the benefits of Wasel App. Video explainers took a step forward and crafted a video along with the script and animation that not only highlighted the value of Wasel App but also its features.

Hence, the video was able to successfully communicate the core message of the app in an engaging and fun way.


A Video Understood and Loved By Every Viewer

As a result, the video was helpful in engaging the Wasel’s audiences in getting increased downloads. Moreover, it has been currently used as an introductory video by their sales teams in meetings with large organizations.

Client’s statement:

The result was superb – a well designed and animated video that concisely explains the Wasel’s Gift App.

Project Breakdown

Concept: Created by Video explainers
Artwork & Design: Designed by Video explainers artists
Tone & Style: 2D Cartoon Animation
Video Production: By Video explainer’s team


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